Lessons from PROBLEM

I thought last week's episode was the last episode of The Flash, turns out there's still one last episode this week! So hurray!!

Earlier in this episode, there's a scene between Barry and Iris that I think resonates in me. Something I've been thinking about for these past few days. In that scene, Barry was expressing to Iris, how- he thought he has moved on from his mother's death after that event with the speedforce. But then, THIS happened, and it puts him back to that position before he moved on.

Have you ever felt that way? Like when you feel or think you've gotten through something, you've got your way over what hurt or trouble you, then suddenly life gives you the same thing again? It makes you question whether have you REALLY got your way around that kind of situation.

Recently, I had a discussion with a friend. I forgot what the topic was about, but I remember I was thinking that I thought I have acquired this value for overcoming certain things, but in truth, I'm actually not fully there yet. I still have a lot to learn. Or maybe I have not fully learnt what I am supposed to learn from THAT situation. Based on my personal experiences, I'd say that's the thing about problem- it never leaves you until you learn what you're supposed to learn. Problems are like benders, they bend your heart, to make it into better shape (not literally of course!). The difficulties that you feel when facing that hardship, is your ego in the way of you from learning the lesson behind it. If you're ever in that situation, stuck in your problem, ask yourself, what am I supposed to learn from this? What is it that it wants to teach me? Be open. Don't be afraid to be fragile, because we ARE no matter what. And pray that God opens and softens your heart to this problem. With God will, the one problem that you feel is your BIGGEST and MOST DIFFICULT problem, suddenly fades and you'll be at peace. If you've passed this, you'll realize one day that 'Gosh, that used to be THE problem and now, it's nothing'. You'll be amazed. Be open to problems. Everytime when you face something, remember to focus on the solutions, and not the problem. Too many people tend to focus on the problem once something bad happen, and they tend to exaggerate it. I've had too many experiences of making my mom mad when I make careless mistakes, but then I'll tell her, 'okay okay okay, I'm sorry, I learnt my lesson. Now, what should we do?' And she'll stop scolding and help me solve the problem while still being half mad. hahahahah

Tell me, how did you solve the one problem that you think is just not fixable?

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