Make Your Own Notebook Separator

Okay, I honestly don't know how to start this post. I mean how do I start it? 

Hey people, I bought a new notebook! (yeahhh like everyone else...nothing new)


So New Year's was coming up and my notebook was about to finish.. so I thought I'd buy another notebook! (yeah, typical, Nyna. Typical (but it's true though. hahaha))

Anyway, that's besides the point. My point here today is to share with anyone who wants to learn, how to make a DIY notebook separator! 

What you need:
  • The paper of your own design (mine was 230gsm) 
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Cutter
  • Cutter mat

1. Get your things ready. (Please excuse the ruler I bought when I was 14 :p)

2. Estimate the width of your desired notebook separator. 

3. Draw a straight line at the back with your pencil. Cut it out.

4. Once you've cut it according to the width you like, cut about 0.8 cm from the side, 2.0 cm from the top and bottom. Of course, this depends entirely on your notebook.

5. I wanted to have only 2 holes on both top and bottom for my notebook, so I measured and cut, as the result shown in the picture below.

6. Now, at the back, draw two square holes.

7. Cut it nicely and carefully.

8. Cut a thin line in between the holes. And now you have  your notebook separator!

9. Carefully put the paper in. Voila! It's done. :D

Ready to write!

You can certainly use any kinds of paper with any design you fancy. However, I'd suggest you use a thick enough paper so it won't easily tear especially when you frequently flips in back and forth. I mean, I did that for the first few minutes cuz I can't believe I did my own notebook separator! hahah 

Happy DIY-ing! :D


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