Take Away: 2015

I started this year unlike any other year before; with no resolutions AT ALL. Previously I usually write down a few goals I wanted to achieve, but then I realized, most of it are left just as they are, written goals. Hahaha So, earlier this year I decided to not join in the bandwagon. Instead, I’ll just do my best, strive, and see where it goes and what life has to offer me in values. After 365 days, I can say that 2015 was a year of growth for me. Here are some take away from 2015..

  •  It’s better to be alone than being in the wrong crowd.
  • Not everyone will understand the journey that you have to go through and some will be unkind because they can’t see it from your perspective and that’s perfectly okay because it IS your journey after all and not them. But mostly, appreciate those who understand and support your progress.
  •  Life doesn’t always go as you plan, but where you are is where exactly the Almighty wants you to be for there are values for you to learn there in preparation for your future (here, and the hereafter). So, have faith.  J
  • I graduated!
  • Continued my studies.
  •  Had the privilege to attend (and present) at conferences. 
  •  Working and studying at the same time is NOT easy, but doable. You just have to be strong and manage your time well.
  • I've become more concerned on how to raise my kids in the future than about finding the right guy. (lol!)
  • When people treat you bad or with disrespect, but you continue to be kind, to still be good despite the unkindness you received, not only will you have the satisfaction of being the bigger person, but you will also get to see the difference later between those who are ashamed of what they did, and those are not ashamed of what they did and pretend like they never done you anything. Hahaha It’s rather amusing actually.
  • Unplugging from social networks was probably one of the best decisions in life I have ever made! Hahah (Though there are some cons to it, but oh well ;p )
  •  Most importantly, I learnt to choose positivity over negativity and that has made all the difference in everything I do. J

I’ll continue with the no-resolution 'tradition' with 2016, and see where life takes me. 

May 2016 brings us more peace, health, prosperity, wealth, and success both here and the hereafter. 


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