Still Accessible

I honestly wanted to put the title as 'MUET Related Posts Still Accessible' which sounds so much like how an article in a journal would be named. But this is not a journal, nor it is an article. Lol

So a few weeks ago, after decluttering some of my virtual mess that I've left for some time, I somehow accidentally deleted ALLLLL my photos that ever existed in my Google account. Yup, all. None left. And when I checked my home page, to my surprise, it's all naked! I mean, there's not a single picture left! Not even the heading! I have to admit, I was panicking for a second then. Initially I thought, I can still try to upload it or re-update it one by one. Another part of me said... ain't nobody got time for that yaw. So, I followed the other voice. I checked some of my old blog posts if it's still available even without the photos, and yes it is! This is such a blessing in disguise, because 1) I get to remove all those unnecessary/unrelated photos and my free hair pictures without me having to go through each and every one of them (phew!), and 2) I saved a hella lot of time! Since my blog's most popular posts are MUET related posts (and 1 DIY post + 1 TESL Interview Experience), I'll put the link down here so you can check it out. Yes, it's still available and I'm sorry the pictures are all gone. 

All the best!

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