Relaunching of By, Nyna

Ahhh... feels like home.

Well hello there! (If there's anyone reading this that is) I just realized I haven't been blogging (here) since April 2014. That's more than a year now. So what happened to me since then? A lot, I tell ya. To begin with, I think that was the time when I started making other blogs on other platform.. to try writing on other types of content, and just to see how it feels. And then beginning August 2014, is when my life slowly starts to change as I began to shift my focus onto things with higher priorities, my future. I learnt a lot too, and you could say it expands beyond the academic context as we're speaking here.

Nevertheless, lately I've been feeling like blogging again, and I've told this to Nanee a few times and one day I thought to myself, if I wanna blog, I'll blog! What's stopping me? It's not like I'm having a practicum anytime soon (which was the main reason why I closed this blog to private initially, then I got lazy so I let it be :p) I began somewhere else, built the whole thing up, but it just never felt right. So I decided, hey now that I have my own domain, why don't I use my first blog again. I have lotsa memories with this blog, and I don't plan on deleting those yet. Those memories that I wrote to let the whole world know, despite it being silly, or super silly, or even super duper uber silly, those are MY memories. Those are the points where I reflect in the present and in the future of how much I've grown as a person, and hopefully, linguistically. :p I'm not going to delete that and pretend it never happened just because I'm ashamed of how silly it was. Everybody was (at least) once did something silly, don't they? What matter most is what we learnt from it.

Old layout

New layout

If you noticed, the url is different too. I no longer use [], a url which I've used for years! (Since 2010 to be exact!) There's a story behind the url too, which insya-Allah I'll make a post about that in the future. ;) Had a totally new design because I wanted something simple, clean and minimalistic with something pretty but not too obvious. Hence, the peonies. I love peonies. They're gorgeous!

I marked in my planner that I'm going to upload this on a Friday, and I want it to be in September, because there's just SO MANY wonderful things happened this month, and I want this to be one of it too. :) Even though it's already Saturday, well, some place somewhere it's still Friday! ;D So here I am, relaunching my blog again, after a year of hiatus.

Welcome to! 

Hope you'll enjoy reading bits and pieces of my life, my thoughts and here's to a new chapter in (my virtual) life!




  1. i miss your blog NYNA!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    1. Omg Rauf!! :D I can't believe you're here!! hahaha I honestly thought I'm the only one in this side of the world.. hahah Thank you for dropping by Rauf!!


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