For All This Time, I Just Want To Say, Thank You

Came across a Nuffnang post in Facebook. It's about DiGi having a Thank You Sale and the only thing that struck my mind at that moment is- my aunt. I call her 'mak long'. :) By saying this it's not that I don't appreciate my mom, I do. I have always appreciated her, have always and will always be. :D However, sadly, I don't think I've appreciated enough of my aunt just yet.

Okay! So I'm sure by now you're wondering why aunt? What did she do to ever deserve an appreciation post from her niece? Well... I'll tell you why. ;)

I used to follow her to schools because.... well, a baby can't stay alone at home. :p

My mak long, sacrificed her youth in order to raise her siblings. Her mother (who is my arwah grandmother) passed away after giving birth to my ayah chik. Not long after that, her father (who is my grandfather) passed away too. (Talk about till death do us part huh? The fact that my arwah grandfather passed away not long after his wife died, shows how they're just meant to be together :') ). Anyways, since then she had to take care of her siblings. Managed her younger siblings, especially the last one who is only a few weeks old. Back in those days, it was hard to survive as an orphan. What more being a young woman who is only in her twenties, who is supposed to explore and treasure life, having to carry the responsibility of raising her siblings, imagining it itself is hard enough. People back in kampung, weren't... exactly all nice either. Of course, it's life, some will take advantage of you, some will look down on you just because you have nothing or no one to back you up. To face all that, I can't imagine, she is indeed a strong woman. Some of her siblings (my mom and my arwah ayah de) was in KL, so she then moved to KL. In KL, with nothing, she slowly build a home for us.

Us. :) (sorry bout the editing part. Had to. hehe)

She was a teacher, and a teacher's salary at that time wasn't that much but it was enough for us. Everything was cukup-cukup and we're grateful for that. :) Now, all of her siblings are married and have kids. My mother, had well... of course me! ;p

 Me and Ibu :)

My ayah teh and his family

  My ayah chik and his family

Seeing everyone has grown up, having their own family, raising their kids, I don't want my mak long to feel alone and left behind. She sacrificed A LOT for us; her youth, her chances of getting married, her chances of having her own family, her wants and mostly, her life. Because of her, her siblings get to continue to study in university. Because of her, her siblings get to get married and have their family. Because of her, I am a proud CBNer and am now a TESLian in UM. She has influenced me a lot in my life, whether I realized it or not. She showed me what I want to be and what I don't want to be. Having grown up with her, she is like my second mother to me. I hope that if I could win this for her, she could stay connected to her family members 24/7/365 and I'm sure that would definitely put a smile on her face 24/7/365. :) (and I'll definitely owe Digi for that! ;D) And honestly, I think she deserves to win this.

So I mentioned something about Digizens Thank You Sale earlier, right? Bet ya'll be wondering what's that all about? ;D Worry not I'll explain in a bit!

Every year we know we'll have a Year-End Sale, right? (impossible if you don't know, it's like, seriously E-VE-RY-WHERE in Malaysia!) Well, Digi being Digi (:p) wanted to make it big. So they are having the BIGGGGGGGGEST  YEAR-END SALE and they're offering FREE smartphones, FREE tablets, FREE INTERNET (no more depending on slow wi-fi. Thank Digi for that!), and FREE calls!! It's all FREEEEEE!!!

With the BIGGGGGGGGEST (sorry Digi, this is the biggest font I have. I would make it a whole page if I could. :p)YEAR-END SALE happening now, you can reward yourself with

What's that?? That's SONY EXPERIA C I tell you!! You wanna know how much this thang is worth? RM999 yooo!! Seriously, who will simply give you a phone worth of RM999??

Say whattt? You don't want a C?? Well, then take this!

SONY EXPERIA Z!  You wanna how much this worth? Aha You wanna know?? It's freaking RM 2199!! Ow yeah! Aha. Believe me. What you see is what you get. Can't say no this time, can you? ;)

And THAT IS NOT ALL! Check out their website and I'm sure you'll be amazedballs by what they have to offer you! ;D It's a limited time offer so hurry click the image below or here and get one now!

Oh and Thank You for everything, Mak Long. Without you we'll never be where we are today. I love you. ♥

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