Well it seems that most of us have (or soon to be had?) a mixed feeling of what this year has brought or taught us.

When I look back, I had amazing moments that it seems like the little troubles I had are nothing. Trifle, as they are. ;) Felt like it's just 2013 and now what, we're going into 2014 already?? So many incredible things happened this year and if I list every single one of 'em, I guarantee you'd click exit by the first sentence you see. hahah I'll try to KISS.    (keep it short & simple, you silly! ;) )

Met Nashra, Nuweeeen and Malina (after about... what 2 years we haven't met each other? hahah too bad masa ni Syidah tak de :( ). The infinity moment. Diamonds. :') ♥ Not long after that, that lil cute boy named Emil Hadif, my youngest cousin came into our life and make us so geram with his cuteness overload!! (can't wait to see him soon!).

Then went to celebrate my belated birthday with my biatchessss!! At my fav, Nandos!! :D Thanks for the cute cuppies and cute prezzie!! ♥ Went to Publika with 'em biatches and we took pic in the Magnum thingy. I took a pic with a hottie whom I don't even know his name. Doesn't matter, as long as he's handsome. Bwahahaha Ibu came to support our show for The Animal Farm. It's a reader's theater (considered as part of our assignment. Yeah, I knowwww we're so lucky to get to do fun things as our assignments! ;P) Family vacayyyyy to Langkawiii!!! :D One of the best moment is when we went to search for KFC with chik, mak su and emil around 1am. hahaha Saw my favourite childhood kuih: Kuih Tokiyo! :D Usually found them in bazaar ramadhan. So happy to see them still alive and knowing that there are people who still eat this wonderful thing! xD Decorated a Christmas tree for the first time in my life(!) with my colleague. It was fun. :D No wonder people get so excited for Christmas. hahaha Every month, the three musketeers (Read: me, Jiven and Khalis) will go and try a restaurant in Publika. So far we've been to Chawan, London Town, BIG (the restaurant, not the supermarket (though I love the supermarket! hahah)), The Bee (don't try the burger, not worth it. Sedap lagi kat Wondermilk). Haven't decided yet where to go for next month's trip. Hee!~ xD And then there's me celebrating my progress. :) A day out with Nash, Rara and Aiman and I got a picture with 1D!! :D Not literally (sadly), just.. with their life-size posters. Jadi la... for now. hahaha I learned French too! :D My marks for my first French test was... alhamdulillah! teehee!

Oops! Apparently it wasn't as short and simple as I wanted it to be aite? Sorry! That's not even all the picture I have and that's just some part of it and it's already a hell long of a paragraph... O.O I haven't included the little things yet! Oh well, not everything's meant to be told, isn't it? ;D So now you probably know (not so close though) most of the things that happened this year aite? ;D Overall, it was a great year, the good and the bad, bak kata orang pahit manis tu yang membuatkan ia lebih bermakna. Cewah.. (oh puh-lease Nyna..but betul la! hahaha) xD Alhamdulillah for all that He gave, truly He knows what is best for His servant and thank You. Let's take all the good, leave the bad  and may Allah bless us and our loved ones this coming year and may we do more that will make Him happy with us. :)

(can't wait for some things already for next year!!)  ♥

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