Practicality and DIY Pencil Case (No Sewing)

I love practical things. It's simple, makes your life easier, who wouldn't like practical stuffs?

Greetings Earthling(s)! :D

I've been thinking about this idea for a couple of days. No, actually, I have been thinking about it for more than a couple of days, but today, I think about it a lot. Like, A LOT.  Today is Monday. And I am getting sick and tired of having my pens and pencil be all over in my handbag. I mean, I only use a couple of pen, and sometimes my mechanical pencil. So, yeah, I don't bring the big bulky pencil case like I used to. Also because when I use that pencil case, I tend to put more things because I feel they are important. Women. I know. :P

It's really bothering me that my stationery all over my handbags, sometimes jatuh sana, jatuh sini, tenggelam dalam handbag la and God knows what else. Out of impatience, I decided to do my very own pencil err... case? It's not really a case I'd say... ;)


Yes, believe it or not, I did that myself! :D

I feel so... RELIEVED(!) seeing my stationery are all lining up nicely just waiting for me to use 'em during class tomorrow. Ahhhhhh lega! ^_^

Actually I was so excited on wanting to do it (and like I said above, this thing is bothering me (cuz I can't wait to do it! xD)) that I made plans for it. Or some people call it draft. I mean, just in case. Plans are necessary. At least in some things. Yeah yeah I know in life sometimes you can't just follow the plan cuz it doesn't always work that way. So, flexibility is important too. :P And you'll see below how I try to make it "flexible".

I have 3 designs at first. First is using the getah. You usually see this being used in most pencil cases. But this one requires sewing and our sewing machine still needs to be sent for maintenance. Jeez. God knows what I'll do when it's fineeee baby. Fineee for me to work with it! So, the first one.. nah. Ditch it. Second one, I need a plastic. A good one so my pencil case can tahan. But hmmm nahhh. Then I tried browsing through the sites to get some ideas. And walla! There are some designs which require no sewing and boyyy ain't that just perfect?! ;D

First thing I'd suggest you to do is find out what you wanna put in your foldable, makes-life-easy pencil case. List it out. Like I did above. So you'll know how much holes you need to do, estimate the width of the whole thing and the spaces in between each hole (vertically). 

I'd suggest you cut 2cm wide for each hole.
I did 1.5cm and it didn't fit my pen. So I had to widen it up (not following the exact measurement. Be flexible. *cough cough*). Don't be afraid to widen it up. Focus, and make sure you cut both holes horizontally of similar length if not the same. Make sure they are parallel.

Make the holes!
I didn't have the knife (not pisau dapur!), the ones that I have is already old and rusty and I think it's gone to form another new life. Not that I know of as what. Maybe an eraser. I don't know. So, I used pisau yang err.. like the ones yang you nampak tu la! haha

However, please, if you wanna try this, especially using the kind of pisau I used above, PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL HANDLING IT, okay? I can't imagine getting cut by it. @.@ Dangerous!

Test the holes to see whether it can fit your pen. If it doesn't, you know what to do. ;)

Estimate the height. You have to consider too in case if you wanna put some long pens/pencil. :P Make sure you cut them of the same height on each side.

Cut it out!

If you ever come to this, don't just stretch it off. To use 'damage' would be quite an overstatement, but you get what I mean. ;D Cut it off nicely using the scissors.

Line up your stationary! Cut a very small hole at the other side so you can insert the string.
 Tie the string on the inside so it won't get off. Duhh. The length of the string is up to your own preference. :)

Yeay! Now it's all in one place!

Phew~ Now my stationery are organized! :D *Though it doesn't seem organized in my bag. xP

If you noticed, I used the same PVC (no, I didn't use leather cuz it's a tad pricey for this simple (or some would call it bodoh-bodoh) craft DIY project (yes, I consider this as my project and one of my fastest completed project! ;D) like I used for my antique journals (you can refer to my previous posts before which I showed you the journal). I love antique things. ♥ And practical stuffs of course! ♥

Thank God I've done Dr. Adelina's assignment. Otherwise I can't concentrate cuz in my head, all I could think about is how to make my stationery organized. I can't ignore this call! xD My mind is screaming to me 'Do it! Do it! Do it now!' and my heart is pushing me making me impatient. Gosh! hahaha I couldn't wait. In my head, all I could think of is "I wanna do it now!" and I just can't help it. I must do it, by hook or by crook. I can't wait till weekend to get other stuffs. Hahah So impatient kan? (Please excuse the hormones that are affecting me. xP) Wow, I suddenly realized that part of me is still there. Hahah! :D Yeah. Sometimes I can be like that. If I want it, and I know I CAN DO IT, I'll do it no matter what. And I just did. ;) Yeayyy! I should reward myself! hahahah

Oh and speaking of practicality, ladies, if you're shy about keeping your pads, "bare-naked", in your handbag, then I'd suggest you get a sanitary napkin case to keep all your pads neatly hidden in your handbag. Sufficient for emergency times. ;)

Cute, cheap (only RM8!) and available in many design!

Oh yeah. It's from Naraya. You can get it at Isetan, KLCC. Or anywhere that sell these. lol. No, this is not a paid advertisement. I'm just sharing what I think might help you ladies out there. Especially if you want to get organized and all. I know I need to. ;D

If you have information of things regarding this (practicality, organizing stuffs), pleaseeeee share with me! I'd love to hear some! :D

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