Smiley Emil :)

Greetings Earthling(s)! 

Alhamdulillah, on a beautiful day of 13th February 2013, Emil Hadif bin Abdul Halim was born into the family. hahah! I still couldn't believe it, even when I'm writing this!

Can you see him smile? hahah

Baru je berapa jam lahir dah pandai senyum budak ni. :D And he likes to smile! Smiley baby! =D hahah

Seronok dia tidur! ;D And dia tak suka kalau orang bising time dia tidur. hahaha!

Now everyone's like, 'Makan teringat Emil, sebelum tidur pun terbayang-bayang Emil'. hahah I still tak pegang dia lagi (as in dukung), cuz takut. Ya know how babies are kan? What with my horrible and horror imagination, I can't hold him yet. Takut. hihi Nanti awak dah besar sikit, Kak Nina dukung awak puas-puas eh? Nak peluk awak, tapi takut nanti awak penyet. heee~ xD

Oh yeah. He's my cousin. Not my nephew. hihi It's gonna be so unbelievable even after he's all grown up nanti.. (insya Allah kalau aku panjang umur). Like with my other cousins, it's amazing how we used to play with each other, main macam budak-budak? haha And we can now talk about boyfriends? Wow. I can't imagine seeing my little cousins getting married or have kids later. Like, you've seen them as a baby, then they grow up and be my friend in Facebook, follow me in Twitter.. who knows maybe I'll ask them opinions about my future boyfriend, or friends stuffs, see them go to school, through school life, love life, all the life life la!... ahh you know what I'm talking about, right? Lol. It's a bit too much for me to take it all in. hahah But that's life. We change, we go through periods and we grow. :)

I hope I will still be there in the future to remind you that you are special whenever you're feeling down, or unneeded, or whatever not nice. haha I hope you'll have a good life. You are special. :) And I hope I will be able to look after you as long as I live, as an elder sister, sampai Kak Nina tua (again, insya Allah kalau panjang umur). That is the unwritten responsibility that I carry with me all the time. Same goes to all my other cousins. Kak Nina love you all mucho mucho!  :* ♥

On that same day too, I got my result. Somehow, I knew I'll be getting that result on that day.

And so I was proven to have it. I'm not surprised. And frankly speaking, I'm not sad at all. hahah I'm not gonna be 'Ohh I have this, I'm gonna have all these symptoms, my life is gonna suck!', NO. I just don't see it that way. Well, I might feel the symptom once in a while, but I'm not gonna engrave it on my mind that I have this, so I'll be feeling this and that. Instead, I think this gives me more reason to be healthy, be fit and happy! And a legit reason to be picky too. ;P I'm fine. I'll be fine. Insya Allah. :) I totally forgot about this after seeing Emil. hihi

Ya know, seeing a new born baby makes me feel like I wanna have mine too.
But not anytime soon. hahaha

I want to dukung himmmmmmm!!!!! xD


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