Achieving to Achieve

Greetings Earthling(s)! =D

Wherever you are, whenever you're reading this, I hope you're having a good day/night.. depending on your time zone. Lol.

I just realized something about me lately. hahah I realized that... I don't wanna be the kind of friend that will just agree on everything that is said or done by a friend. I know sometimes I agree too much when people say something (or I don't really speak up when I disagree jeez what happened to me? hahahah!) and I don't want to be like that anymore. Merely because I don't want my friends to do that to me. Cuz what are friends for if they're only to agree on everything that you said, and not correcting you when you did something wrong. I believe that a good friend is someone who is not just always by your side, but also will help you be a better you. We help each other, we grow together. Cuz kita berkawan bukan semata-mata berkawan je. Kawan yang baik ialah kawan yang berkawan berlandaskan agama jugak. No, I don't mean that kita kena berkawan dengan orang alim je. What I'm trying to say is, when we befriend sincerely because of Allah, without us realizing, we will try to protect them from doing anything that could harm them (in any ways possible and whether in the short or long run) and help them to be a better person. Therefore my dear friends, if any of you are reading this, if I made a mistake, PLEASE! correct me. And when I say correct me, I meant TELL ME. Not indirectly. Tell me directly, face to face, or through my inbox or whatever medium that you can use to get to me to tell me that I made a mistake and I need to correct it. hahah And don't forget to justify. Because, I know I may be stubborn at times but if you tell me I shouldn't have done that, and you give me solid and logical reasons why so, then I have no reason not to think about it. Sebab sedegil-degil aku pun aku rasa aku still try to take in what those people who care enough to tegur said. I truly appreciate those who did that to me, and I still remember those who did and I hope to always remember their kindness and them. Yes, terima kasih banyak-banyak sebab tegur aku instead of buat senyap je. :') Because I can see that you only want what's best for me bila kau tegur aku. That's how I take it. I dunnoe, are there any other ways to take criticism? Idts. Remember, perspectives is important. :) A friend is not just someone who you turn to when you have problems nor just listen to your problems. A friend is more than that. Kalau diperhalusi apa itu kawan dan tanggungjawab sebagai kawan, berat. Too many people try to care for what others feel sampai nak tell the truth pun have to think twice (or maybe sometimes more than twice). But then... ada pulak kawan yang jenis nak ditegur, tapi tak boleh terima apa yang ditegur. Haaa itu pun payah jugak. I hope I am not like that. :/ But then, there are factors to think about here. How it was told, the content, the surrounding, the one who gives advice and the one who's receiving the advice, and others. Hey, our life is too short to care for what others feel yo, to hide our feelings yo and too short to not be honest yo. hahahah! And yeah, this is a reminder to myself as well because as lame as this sound, I like to read back what I wrote (this apply to my other blogs as well) and I want to read only good and positive things to remind myself of these. Just because I said don't do this and that, doesn't mean I don't do it (paham tak? hahah). That's the reason why I wrote it: to remind myself not to do it. I really don't care if people think everything I did is because I want to prove them something. Err.. excuse me, but who are you again for me to prove things to you? ;)

So yeah, when it comes to friend, it's always quality over quantity for me. I believe that if you want something, BE it. So if I want to have a good quality friend (lol, dah macam barang pulak bunyinya. xP ), then I have to be one. Simple. :)

Yeah, I know it's all crap, but hey I feel inspired to update after seeing Syidah updating her blog. hihi
Something that I used to have. But then, I think I am back to that. A short visit into the past is good once in a while. To stay, uh-uh not a good idea, darling. ;) I am glad that we finally managed to meet last year, even though it felt like only for a short while. And I'm glad that my diamonds, without them realizing, they remind me of who I used to be. And I'm back to that girl. :')  Eternally grateful for that, too. ♥

Oh yeah! Yesterday I went to my first official fencing class. In case if you don't know what is fencing about.. I hope this picture will give you a clue of what is fencing.

Not this fencing..

but this fencing!!

I started joining the fencing club since last sem actually. Last sem, however... Ibu doesn't like the idea of me going to the fencing class for some reasons which asian kids would understand. harhar! Since the class starts at 7pm -9pm (don't worry, they have breaks for maghrib too. :) ), Ibu being Ibu (haha), she will never let me drive alone at night. So she decided to accompany me. Yeah. I know people will think I'm anak manja and all but that is another different story which maybe I will tell more and why in a different post in the future. Insya-Allah. She was there, at the big gym, watching us in our first class. I hope the coach doesn't mind.. hee!~ She was sitting at one side of the gym but still managed to listen to what the coach said. haha And surprisingly... after the class ended, she was the one yang excited about the class! Hahahah She's excited that we'll be having competitions, sparring against other fencers outside UM, and such. She even reminded me that I have a homework to do for this class! hahahah! And that happened while we were eating at a mamak after the class! You see? Now she's the one yang enthusiastic about this! hahahah Not that I'm complaining.. I'm just happy. =D Glad that after all this time, (so far) I've successfully convinced Ibu that this is something that I want to do.. and it's fun.. and if you've read my so-called bio above (the one about the webmistress), you'll know that it's one of my dreams to learn how to play swords (well, fencing is close enough. :p). So yeah, life again taught me not to give up on something that I want/love. Maybe this is also a sign for my other dreams? :D Who knows.. hahah

In everything, as long as you try..


P.s.: Huuu panjang berjela aku membebel hari ni. hahah It's been a while since I last did a post that's slightly motivating. haha


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