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I remember I used to watch this anime movie during my primary school time. Uncle asked us 'Nak tengok cerita kartun tak?'. Of course we (me and my cousins) said yes. We're just kids back then. haha (Though I don't think it's a sin to watch cartoon even if you're an adult :p) I really enjoyed watching Spirited Away. And today, I just watched it again for the second time. hahah I know! Second time. :p Other people might have watched it a gazillions times more than I do. But oh well. At least I forgot some part of it so it won't spoil the surprise for me.

Back then, I loved it cuz I think it's a really really nice story. Fun. Different from others. But now, as an adult (jeez. I can call myself an adult. Though I don't think I'm mature enough to be called one) I looked at it on a different level. Some of the dialogues in the anime... it echoes in my mind. 

I love how Haku found her alone crying in the dark, hidden and asked her to eat that thing, which I think it didn't taste nice, but he insisted on Chiharo eating it cuz he knows that it's for her own good. I mean, that's sweeeet! Though it's kinda creepy that a random stranger giving you something to eat saying it's good for something. haha And I love how Chiharo tried to force Haku to swallow that round something and man.. I don't know how to say this. The feeling you get when you're trying to force someone to do something, though it might hurt them at first, but you forced them to because you know it's the best for 'em. I mean, doing something out of love.. and the most beautiful part of it is not realizing that it's because of love.

Not the best prtsc I'd say. haha

And the most that I notice about is.. the no-face monster. The no-face would give anything to have Chiharo by his side and he really wanted to be with Chiharo that he followed wherever Chiharo go, helped her whenever she need it, and it seems like this no-face monster would give anything to have her by his side. And what I also noticed is that, your reaction in a given situation does not define who you are.

The no-face monster is actually a harmless, lonely and talented monster (wait, I haven't gone yet to the part where he ate 2 people and 1 frog). When he got into the bath house, all he wanted was to be with Chiharo. But Chiharo keep refusing him, and it's sad that I can feel and understand his feeling when Chiharo rejected everything he offered (except for the token part). All his disappointment, plus the surrounding factors, turned him into a monster that gobbled up people and a frog. He became greedy. If I were to have this picture on a parallel plane with other kind of movies, I'd say this no-face monster is actually a creepy but loving, lonely, obsessive boy who really likes a girl and when the girl rejected him, he lose control of himself. Yes, he lost control and that's why he acted the way he acted in the bath house. Only after Chiharo gave him that part of something then only he began to throw out all the bad things inside that he became better. Yet, he still follows Chiharo around, and I believe that is love. You don't wanna be separated from the person you love. haha Then when he's vomited all the bad things, he's back to himself! :D And he's even good at knitting! hahah You see, lonely people have something good too. They just need a place to belong.

"Once you've met someone, you never really forget them", Zeniba.

"And you've to promise not to look back. Not until you've reached at the end of the tunnel", Haku.

When Haku said that, I feel like I want to hug him.
I can't define how I feel with this movie, but it's definitely something pleasant and.. amazing? haha It definitely touched me. :') Can I have a Haku, pleaseeeee?

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