mɔ:nɪɳ dʒɜ:ni əv fɪfᶱ septembə(r)

Soooo! A lot happened this morning. I thought I wanna share it in Fb, but on second thought, it might get too long and I might just as well make this a reason to update my blog. haha

So, it all started when I woke up this morning by a shout. Damn! Thank God aku tak mati terkejut. If not, I don't think I can rest in peace. haha Yeah, I was shouted at and I literally jumped off my bed and head straight into the bathroom. My heart still beating fast. As if I just had a 100 meter run or marathon or something. Yeah. And please, don't expect me to smile when you almost caused my death. Almost, thankfully.

Sent Mak Long and Ibu off to work and I head to Pusat Bandar. I sesat you know! Supposedly I ikut jalan straight pergi Jalan Duta tapi I pergi masuk Brickfields, nasib I know the roads in there. Otherwise, I might have another mini heart attack and get panic! haha Thought I needed some caffeine to keep me awake (since I had some trouble sleeping and obviously I slept late. haha) and some roti canai for breakfast. And you know what??! (Yeah of course you don't know) I came out of Starbucks and I saw an MPPB officer or or you know, the officer who issued the surat saman? Yeah! I saw them hanging around, trying to issue some surat saman to those cars! And I thought, is my car safe? Are they going to issue another (yes, I've had samanS before. Yeah, one of them I still haven't told Ibu yet and I'm planning to pay back to the person who helped me. You know who you are, may Allah bless you) surat saman for me? I walked slowly to my car, trying to search if there's any MPPB officer around. And guess what! There's an officer in front of my car, looks like he's ready to saman me!!! No!! Of course, with my drink in hand, I ran as fast as I could (not neglecting the safety of crossing the road) towards my car and I literally almost screamed out loud. With my caramel machiato spilled on my hands, I asked him (with all the muka baik I could do) can I move my car now? And thankfully, he nodded and I drove my car away. Phewwww~ Alhamdulillah. Otherwise, I really don't know how to tell them I got another saman. =.=

So, being "traumatized" of that place, I went to Mahbub instead and I parked RIGHT IN FRONT of the machine that I have to pay for the parking space. Lol. Making a statement to myself ha? xD Maybe this is God's way of teaching me to be a better citizen.. maybe. hahah Makan2 kat Mahbub, suddenly there's an old pak cik who sat in front of me and we kinda chit chat. It's kinda nice to be able to talk to strangers sometimes. Haha Getting to know them. Good for people who don't really socialize like me. lol! Surprisingly, he belanja-ed me makan! Thank God I only had roti canai. It wouldn't be that costly for him. Tak mau la orang belanja kita lebih2 kan.. rasa bersalah pulak nanti. haha Supposedly kita yang belanja dia makan, but he insist, what can I do? hihihi xP

Then I head back to UM la... where else? hahah All went well, until... Never mind. So far, so good. Senyum je la walaupun bitter sebenarnya. :)

Till then, have a good day spending the rest of September! :)

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