Li:gəli Twenti! :)

 I'm officially 20 now.

So what? Becoming 20 so far is quite scary.. especially when you see one by one of your friends are getting engaged/married... Other than that... the usual. Dilemmas of wanting to whether have fun and enjoy life or start working for my future. Yeah, pretty much that. What I try to do now is focus more on the latter, but also try to do the former once in a while. I think so. hahah

I won't say much what I did yesterday, as I spent half of the day at UM Best Sound, in UM (duhh), alone. Anyways, I also did some things just for my pleasure. Duhh! And some by force. lol hahah


I take it as a pre-celebration for me, from my Lord. Even though I don't really like the idea that it was held very late in the evening, at 6.30pm actually.  I think it would be more appropriate if it was held after Maghrib. But anyhow, I had to endure it, just enjoy it. Dah rezeki kan? lol The night before I turn officially 20, it was my first time I tried raw fish. Seriously. Raw fish. Sushi is definitely not my thing, so trying to eat the raw fish with some sauce and wasabi whatever, was a new thing for me. IMHO, I think for a beginner, 1 small bite at a time is the best. Don't chunk it one whole at a time. Trust me. You don't wanna do that. hahah Overall, it was okay. I have to think positive, aite? Cuz not everything you like, is necessarily good for you. Only He knows. :)

I sorta promised myself to buy some flowers for myself. lol I was hoping there were some roses, but they don't sell them at the pasar pagi. It's okay. I bought these instead. For myself. :)


I brought this all around wherever I go during the UMBS (cuz I just bought them in the morning from the pasar pagi then head straight to UM). And when some of my friends asked me what is this bouquet all about, I just answer, it's from me, for me. (awww I'm so romantic, I can marry myself! *lol lame line!). I don't know, I just didn't feel like telling them, 'Hey, it's my bithday today!!'. No, I'm not that kind of person, I think. I like to see who remembers the little things about me. :)


Now my desk smells of real flowers. hahah

For me, whatever the celebration is, celebrating it later than the actual date and time is not the same. It will never be the same. That's why it's a celebration. The time and date are specifically and specially reserved for you and for you to share with your loved ones. But, still, it's the thought that count, right? =)

:)  -> This smiley can hide so many things kan?  :) 

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