Fɜ:st Wi:k Ræmblɪᵑ

Bukak balik earphone dalam kotak semata-mata nak feeling sambil update blog. lol!

The earphone was in the box cuz I needed to send my phone (along with all its content) to Chik, for him to check what's wrong with my Andy. I suspect it's one of the apps. =.= Anyhow, now using the old phone back. Techinically, I don't have anyone's num (from TESL UM) except Mak's cuz she text me the other day.

"Maybe this is all a test
Cuz  I feel like I'm the worst
So I always act like I'm the best"

Sooooo! First week. How's it like?
Lemme think.

Siapa yang kejam sangat buat jadual straight from 8am to 2pm ha??! Nak breakfast pun terkejar2. Kalau lambat, lecturer will lock the door. Which, popular to contrary belief, I kinda like that attitude. At least students don't play around. Lol Oh speaking of lecturer, so far I really like our Writing lect. She's such an inspiring lecturer! A successful woman, smart, and well, kinda the picture I have in mind of what I wanna be in the future. I hope so. Aminn. haha

"I know exactly what I want and who I wanna be
I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine"

First day of class, balik je terus demam! hahah Seriously! And I still quite am. But I don't want to go to the clinic cuz if I tell the doc that I'm feeling fever for the past 6 days, foshoooo he's gonna give me antibiotic. Which is exactly why I don't wanna go there. I don't want my body to fully rely on medicine. Or drugs, precisely. So far, quite anxious for our coming assignments! PK!! Y U NO UPLOAD THE ASSIGNMENT YETTTT!

And yeah, I have trouble choosing the exact poem for the individual assignment. Which is going to be on the 5th week. Yeah, exactly. I need to think ahead and plan well. Jadi tak jadi, Allah je yang tahu. I'll try my best, hope for the best and expect the worst.

*Okay, where was I? Right. This was supposed to be yesterday's post. But after watching half way a Korean cerita hantu, we went to our rooms, and suddenly lampu lip lap. Ketakutan, I just switched off everything and went to bed. hahahaha*

Sooo basically, first week of class. Nothing much. Academic stuffs blablabla. hahah Nothing much interesting so far. I think. haha Well, seasons change. blablabla. hahaha

Okay gtg now. Doing some readings before I go to sleep. Need to hit the sack early cuz I wanna focus on tomorow's Writing class. ;D

See ya next time! Have a wonderful September! :D

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