Fɪlɪᵑ ɪn əʊnli: Tʊ: Fɪl ᵃʊt

Yes! Alhamdulillah! Finally! My one project that I have been so eager to wait to complete it, is finally DONE!!

Although I was quite surprised to see that the hard plastic cap of the epoxy glue, was cut into half! By the glue itself! Look!!

So weird. Like the head's being chopped off because suddenly the body's being crazy. hahaha

So... here's my journal! Tadaaa!!! :D

It's very raw, very simple and definitely looks like a first-timer. hahaha!

The papers are obviously not white, cuz I wanted it to look old, classic and perhaps vintage. So I "dyed" the papers to look like one. And my room smells of coffee during the whole process! hahah 

I love it! For a first-timer, I think it's good enough that I manage to combine the papers to make it into a journal. :D

Today I went out with Ibu to meet our very old friend, Aunty Ani. They've been friends ever since before I was born. So she was there when I was a baby. We still have a picture of her holding me at our old home when I was still little. haha It was nice meeting her actually. To look at how my mom and her friend have been friends since wayyy back then. To see both of them now have wrinkles under their eyes, it tells me something... and I realize (in a new sense) how fast time flies. (So many realizations. haha) I hope I get to have that kind of reunion with my old friends when I have kids or when I'm retired in the future (Insya-Allah kalau panjang umur).

 Saw this in Tumblr few days before:

"I’m not anyone’s first choice. I’m not anyone’s favorite. People may tell me I mean a lot to them and that I’m special to them but I know there’s someone they will always choose over me."

You know that moment when you found something you can VERY HIGHLY relate to... I was like

cuz I was too excited that like, someone somewhere knows how I feel and what I think. lol

I wanna go karaoke. I wanna go karaoke really bad. Tak kisah lah ada orang nak teman ke tak nak. I wanna go. I wanna sing and dance it all out! xD


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    1. Hahah! Thanks Kak Lin! Mula-mula buat semangat je...now it's been quite a while tak sentuh. hahaha ;D


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