ɪntrəvɜ:tɪd hɒlədeɪ

I could really say this almost 3 months of hols, has made me become more of an introvert. Not that I'm an extrovert, though I think I'm kind of more like an ambivert. This hols, to be honest, I kinda rarely had conversations with my friends. When I'm at Fb, what I do is basically, scroll down the newsfeed, click like on any cool pics and only drop a comment if necessary. Other than wishing people happy birthday, of course. At twitter, I just basically, tweet whatever. Seriously. Random, silly stuffs. Okay lah, had a bit conversations with some of my friends. But honestly, I really don't feel like talking to anyone actually. This hols I use to really "break" from everything and perhaps everyone. I just need a break. Especially after how my hols began, I really need some space. More reasons to turn into more of an introvert. haha

I need space from everything. You know the thing with twitter is that it's the place where people express their everything (well, if not everything, at least, most things). But not for me. I can't really express everything there. Oh did I also mention that Twitter is also a common place for people to get misunderstood or offended very easily. Yeah. Very.

I want to say something, but I see that I need to say that to myself. I do realize that whatever you point out on another person, is a reflection of yourself. True. Forgive me for just being cautious here. ;p

Blergh. I was supposed to talk bout holidays. Not twitter! haha

"Why do you have to make it look like a war when it wasn't even one?"

Sometimes I think my life is a drama. As in, there's always one thing after another and that's why, even if I don't make myself busy contacting my friends, I still have things to do here. First, I was told (over and over again) to clean the house. Then, not long after that, I need to accompany and take care of my mak long at hospitals cuz she had an operation. Then, she had one week off, my duty is to take care of her. Then, once she's okay, I need to help my mom with packing for her office stuffs since they'll be moving to another office soon (what kind of person who would ask an old woman to pack things alone and do the moving during the fasting month??! So inconsiderate!). And now I feel like my life is busy trying to clean the house again for raya. There come some points in my life that I think, why do we even bother to clean the house? It's not gonna be perfectly clean anyways. There's always something to clean up for. Cuci tu, cuci ni. It's a never ending chore. -.- I suppose that's life. (Still, I think one of the ways to maintain the house's cleanliness is for everyone in the house to have good, cleaning disciplines) God knows what I'll be busy doing next. I just need some privacy. Some time alone. I mean, physically.

Okay, I babbled too much. (As if there are people reading this and as if people care. lol!) xD I hope I won't have troubles trying to keep a simple conversation going when the new sem starts! Hee~

Selamat berpuasa for the last 10 days, to-whomever-is-reading-this! :D

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