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Whoaaaaa. To tell you the truth, this blog might get extinct one day if I keep on doing this (not updating blog). haha Somehow, it feels childish to blog. Somehow. Lol!

Anyways, my classmates are having a major confusion or bluriness on what to choose for the next sem. What with the EL, KOK and inner fac course. Pardon me, but honestly, I don't really understand what's SO confusing about it. haha It's just EL, KOK and inner fac courses guys! Calm your t*** down. Sheesh. hahahah

I personally think all you have to do (to be safe) is have a number of choices of courses that interest you for all three of 'em categories. But I think for inner fac courses, we have to take all, just one on each sem. So, my plan...

1. French (will not take EL this sem. I will wait till they offer me French)
2. Spanish

KOK: (this doesn't affect out pointer, so I think you can take this course whenever possible. Agak relax)
1. Fencing,
2. Penerbitan Majalah (BI),
3. Pengarangan Laman Web (maybe),
4. Theater (Eng),
5. Swimming (but Ibu will most likely disagree, still, it's an option for me),
6. Modern Theater (not sure if this is any different to the Theater (Eng)).

Inner fac courses (Arranged from most like to most dislike):
1. Thinking and Communication Skills
2. Action Research (NEED to take this before Year 3. So that'll be either this sem 3 or sem 4. But since it'll clashes with our schedule in sem 3, most likely will be taken in sem 4)
3. Uniform Unit Management (Yergh. I'm allergic to the phrase Uniform Unit)

Since Mai has created a poll to see what are we taking this coming sem (she's very determined I see. haha), it seems like majority will be taking inner fac course. (Cuz we like to do things together like a happy family. Awww :3 hahahah!) So, if that's the case, then I think the most appropriate choice to take for this sem is, take the inner fac course la. Choose which one you like. And if you think you can handle one extra course, then take la EL, or KOK. Depends on you. This thing, you have to decide for yourself. Of course, nak kena tengok availability and other factors jugak. If it's not available then choose another one la. That's why I said, it's safe to have a number of choices. But I think, since KOK doesn't affect my pointer, I think I might just have KOK this sem too, before my third year, which, I might get busy doing my thesis.  So here's my planning.

Sem 3:
1. Inner fac course (Thinking and Communication Skills)
2. Kok (Fencing)

Sem 4:
1. Inner fac course (if possible, Action Research. Like I said, need to get this done before Year 3 and hopefully, it doesn't clash with any of our subjects' schedule)
2. EL (IF they do offer French this time).

But it's quite risky to take Action Research next sem. Cuz we don't know the schedule for subjects on that semester yet. So... I think it's pretty straightforward. If you don't have this, you have that. Vice versa. People, keep calm and enjoy your hols while you still can. xD  And plus, the registering date dah terang tang tang cakap 3rd sept for those who are under Sistem Pengajian Lapan Semester (SPLS), which is US. So no worries till then.

Funny how that's coming from a person who's worry is one of my best nature. Lol

Am I right? Is there anything that I don't know that caused you to be sooo damn confused?

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