Still Fell. Stand Up. Smile. =)

Wow.. I must say, I feel quite like walking into someone's blog. It feels new, fresh and clear! Clear from all those messy stuffs. Gah I still feel that thing on the right side of this blog is quite messy. But too sayang to get rid of it. haha Oh well, guess I'll just live with it. x)

So what's up with the new layout and design and everything?

Well, first and foremost lemme declare that pic above is from Tumblr, cuz I haven't taken a new and nice picture of nature, or clouds. Besides, other than clouds, I love night sky and stars. I think I need to redesign my blog cuz I feel like the old layout has been too old for this blog, and I'm kinda sick of... everything. I need a fresh start cuz I need to get back at writing again. Keeping this all inside is not good. I'm gonna write and I'm not gonna care whatever you think, whoever you may be. Be it my friends from Asasi, or my friends in UM, or some random stranger, I-DON'T-CARE! U-huh. Well, it does sound like I'm exploding, a lil bit, ain't I? lol Plus, all this changes are done also in the hope that I'll be able to have some new ideas on what to write since it's my hols and I betta write something before I regret it when I didn't do it when the new semester begins.

Perhaps it's also because I've been to my friend's blog and I thought 'Wow, he could almost spill everything and I haven't been doing that in a while and I think I need to do that' and also some other random people's blog and well, of course they spill out there. At least they have a place to spill out since I'm also losing my passion in writing for my other blog for some deep thoughts which no one will ever interfere or figure it out. Muahahaha Ah, you don't need to know. ;p

Anywayssss, it feels good that I finally get to type fast. Otherwise, I'll be like, writing a few sentences, then don't know how to complete the post. Thus, leaving the post as draftssss. So far, I have 4 drafts. Not that bad, I supposed? Well, in time I'm gonna figure out how to get it through my future posts. Maybe if you'd pay more attention to what I'm gonna say or really read in between the lines, maybe you'll get all that's kept inside? Ha! (Gosh. Now I feel I have so much to say) We'll see. ;)

I didn't even make the title of this blog visible this time. But it's still the same. Fell. Stand Up. Smile. =) I fall, I'll stand up and I'm gonna smile. I knew it and I always do (no matter how tough things get). :)

As for now, I hope you like my new design. I like it. Simple. Clear. Black and simple (oh redundancy!). Sort of like, direct, isn't it? :)

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