Shopping Methodology?

Congratulations, Nyna! You survived! XD

Yes, I survived! I didn't get lost. hahah I meant, I didn't get lost while shopping in OU. Not to mention, alone. Plus, OU is a place I rarely go. When I say rarely, as in, once or none a year. Aha. Yeah. Uh-oh. I'm not exactly a KL girl. You see, I was born in Selangor and grew up in Selangor and KL, so yeah, what the hell aku merepek ni. xD

Anywaysss! I was glad I didn't get lost. I told myself right from the beginning, I must remember where I came from. So yeah, my mission was to tawaf OU. Somehow. A couple of my friends wished me good luck. Cuz obviously, OU is really big. And well, I made it! :D I'm still alive! hahaha

My style of shopping is, I prefer to go shopping alone. Or with Ibu. But nowadays, I can't really go with Ibu because, well, it's quite complicated. Plus, she's getting old. I don't wanna make her tired just to find things that I can go and find it myself. Except on clothes. Cuz I need her opinion. Still. Even though I'm twenty. Well, not yet actually. Okay melalut je dah lebih. Back to shopping alone. Because I can decide when to go to restaurants when I'm feeling hungry, if I wanna turn around and go back to that place, basically, I can do whatever I want. If with friends, I prefer to just window shopping. Unless, I already know what I'm getting. Phew~ Panjangnya cerita pasal shopping methodology. Aha! I wonder if that course actually exist. Hmmm

Anyways! Yesterday was my first time having a walk-in interview. The shop Craft Haven, was really, HEAVEN! Seriously. I was in absolute awe when I first came into the store. It has E-VE-RY-THING! Everything that I've seen on the internet, the DIY blogs and stuffs, it's all there! Small shop, but it has everything. My oh my! It took me quite a while to decide to get what I want what more having so many projects in my list. It made me confuse to begin on which one. Hahaha After paying and everything, I said to them, 'I love your shop!'. I think that's very rare of me to say like that to the person handling the store. But they were very friendly, and I think that's the owner or co-owner. Because apparently, after that, I had my first time eva walk-in interview! :D They're offering me a job. It's a fun job even though I'll be working as a salesgirl (IF I accept it), because I get to learn a lot of things. But economically, quite a downside actually. Maybe when they've opened a shop at a mall somewhere in Mont Kiara will I consider it. But it was definitely a fun experience being in that shop. I came out, smiling. Literally! hahah

P.s.: I wonder why walking around OU and hoping that it's you every time I see a chinese looking guy. =.= I shouldn't.

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