Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah

Actually, I've lost my excitement already to talk about this. But oh well. I intended to make a post about it, so, here we go! :D

Last couple of days, we got our result. Officially. To tell you the truth, we actually hacked our results. Oh yeah. Shh Don't spill the beans, ya? xD Yeah, we hacked the results, and I didn't really quite believe it when I first saw it. Because, well, yeah, for me, it's quite unbelievable! It's a result that I never really- "experienced" to have it even during my MRSM days. I was over-excited. Yeah, you could say that.  Over-excited.

Sem 2, for me, personally, was scary. I was quite paranoid of sem 2. But alhamdulillah it turned out well. After sem 2 tu, hmm. But overall, sem 2 was- okay. Despite all the ups and downs, emotional complication (?). lol Everything was worth it. Of course. Duhh. haha

The code that only us dancers know. haha

Thanks for the memories, girls. :'D I really had fun during this time. We should do it again some time. 

 The thick assignment. Don't be fooled though. My only real assignment is only 1/4 of that thickness. The rest is just the text I used to come out with that assignment. haha :p

 Cherie being crazy sampai keluar formula while we're studying at the lib. A formula which has nothing to do with what we're studying.  xD

My first time having a coffee from the machine IN the library. Feeling very much like studying in university in oversea. Ala-ala staying up late at the library konon. :P

Everything was alright. Alhamdulillah. I wouldn't say exactly how much, but it's enough to say that I made Ibu happy with it. Sampai dia peluk cium when she saw for herself the result. haha But just because I've exceeded my target, doesn't mean I'm gonna sit back, relax and think this time it'll be the same. No, I want to work harder this time. I'm gonna set the target higher and I'm gonna plan my strategies on how to win this. Hopefully. Insya-Allah. I ain't playing around this time. Let's pray that I won't be that kind of person yang bila dapat result kemain semangat janji tu, janji ni, last-last time sem, main-main. No, I don't want to be that person. Friends, remind me if I got side-tracked, please? :) Let's strive more for next sem! :D

By the way, Happy Ramadhan and happy fasting to all muslims in the world. May this Ramadhan reminds us of what we've forgotten, strengthen what we've loosen, enrich us with what we're lacking and bring us steps closer to our Almighty Allah. :) May Allah bless you, who is reading this, always. :)

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