Mission #3


I've always had the problem of updating my blog. -.- Feels so lazy and besides, even though I'm on a long hols, it feels like my life is so busy right now. There's always one thing after another. It's like 24/7 isn't enough to do all this. But well, thank God I managed to slip in doing this during my so-busy-life life. huh.

I present to you.... my Mision #3!!!

To make a bow necklace.

Mission accomplished! :D


As you can see above, it's a bow necklace (duhh. haha). I bought all stuffs from the markets here and there; the ribbon, nut, tali andddd basically that's it. It's a really simple necklace though. I just tie it at the end and the length of the necklace is just nice; resting around the abdomen area. I have to admit, trying to make the bow looks perfect is not an easy task you see. First, you have to get the ribbon through that very small hole of the nut, and you have to be extra careful so the edges within the nut won't scratch my lovely, beautiful blue ribbon. After adjusting the ribbon, push it here, pull it there a little and voila! My DIY bow necklace! :D Muahahahah! 

I have many more other ideas, but of course, I need to have some time and to be financially stable so I can buy more stuffs to do this. Hey! I might consider this as my new hobby. Something that I wanna do during my leisure time. However, I don't think it's a good or practical idea to be doing these stuffs during ramadhan due to some reasons. hehe But of course, money is the #1 factor, obviously, here. Ibu said, making your own jewelry is a bit more expensive than buying it yourselves. Well, when you think about it, it's true. Quite pricey I would say too. But, there's always a solution to every problem, and I think I might know how to solve this lil problem. ;D But of course, we'll see how it goes. 

Till then, happy fasting to the Muslims and good day! :D

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