Mission #2

I remember when the lady at the Craft Haven said to me when I was overwhelmed with the awesomeness of the store, 'One step at a time..'. Indeed. I did things one step at a time. Few days before, I did my Mission #1. And few day later, I did this! =D

Mission #2:
To bake
and I baked a chocolate cake! :D

Well done!


I was really happy with the outcome. The recipe was fairly simple and easy to do (psst! I didn't have to take out my mixer!) and I was surprised that I could get such good result only at first try of that recipe. If you always get recipe from the internet, you know that not every recipe will give you a good outcome. Especially not at first try. It's very unlikely that you get that. Or was it only me? Never mind. The point is, it's as good as it looks like! :D

Ibu is not really a cake-person, I would say.. and yet, she finished up the slice of cake I gave her! Licin! Of course I was happy! :D But so kesian she said tak puas makan. haha (Maybe I'll bake it again later for her :p). What I did was worth it and people (well, the people in the house so far) like it! Even one of my friends said that it looks like one of those cakes in Tumblr. I was like, whoaaa. To put it on the same par as the other cakes on Tumblr, is a bit too much. In a good way of course! :D But whoa.. is my cake really like that meyh? Hmm You have to taste it first, then only you'll know. :D I can't wait to bake more for my friends! My primary-school friend, Waseem and my classmates! :D

P.s.: I didn't post Mission #1 yet cuz I'm still on it. Found a new idea on how to enhance it. Sort of. So I'll postpone it till I'm done with it then only I'll post it here ya. ;)


  1. would you mind sharing the recipe for this cake ? ^_^

  2. Sure. :) Here's the link:


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