"To Begin, One Must First Destroy"

Lets start the post with a video shall we? So that you will know what I'm about to say in this post this time. Lol. Why does this sounds like a pre-reading activity to me? LOL~

So, today was a day where... there's mixed emotions. Happy, sad and everything in between (just like what I tweeted. LOL).  Happy cuz we're done with our examination! Happy cuz we're finally free! Happy cuz now I can look forward to the things I wanna do! Happy cuz first year is over! But that's also a bit sad, cuz we're no longer will be juniors.. we'll be seniors this September! Wohoo!! And speaking of September.. oh never mind. hush hush. ;p Sad cuz today's our last day, and last day of first year, gonna miss 'em classmates so much! 

After our APK carnival day. What a long day! But we TESLians definitely rock the day! xD

After the TESL Cultural Extravaganza event. :)

Can you see the cheerful look? Everyone look so happy! :D
Just a small pic for our Sabah dance. hahah

I guess it's true when they say we look like a family. We are like a one big family. hahaha Meeting up after a week of study break, you can definitely see that everyone misses each other. Seminggu pun rasa macam lama sangat tak jumpa, what more 2 and a half month! hahah  I hope we get to maintain this kind of relationship forever. :') 

After exam today, we went to watch Prometheus. hahah I must say, I kinda like the movie even though Mak, Zyah and Belle said it wasn't that nice. hahaha It's okay.. everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I kinda like it cuz it's a movie that made you think. Watching this movie kinda makes me relate the theme to Bradbury's (who passed away on June 5th recently, 2 days before we were about to sit for our Prose exam which we studied one of his short stories, RIP Bradbury.) There Will Come Soft Rain. Technology, humanity and religions. Throughout the movie you can see that they sort of trying to convey the idea of atheism, or human can defeat God. But towards the end of the story, of course, it's  just saying that no matter how humans try to outsmart God, we can never defeat God. The movie was a bit horrifying. There were parts that made me scream. Geez, what do ya expect? We sit at the very front row, that thing was so damn close to us! hahah

I kinda like David. He's so... irony? Not gonna spoil it for ya, go and watch it if you like movies that made you think.  ;D

Anyways, I remembered a post I made about problems here. Problem is similar to hurting. It hurts you, it cuts you. Now, imagine, you're being cut by a sharp object. Scientifically, your cells will have to regenerate in order to heal or repair yourself, whatever you call it. It regenerates, the scar is there, but you've healed. Until you're being cut again. Now, relate that to problems. Problems is the sharp object. Your heart is your cells. I'm sure most of us, we have problems that we've been facing since we know the world, and yet, we can't seem to... be cool about it? Yeah. Totally understand that cuz I have some too. haha That's cuz every time when we're hurt, we get healed (whether we realize it or not), until we get hurt again. It's a similar process to healing, physically. It's nature. It's life. But of course, it depends on individual resistance how one is able to overcome it. :)

"Really, the trick is, one must not mind the pain", 
David, Prometheus, 2012.

That line keeps ringing in my head. I love it. It's very.. ironic. 

"To begin, one must first destroy",
David, Prometheus, 2012.

Maybe it was a right thing for me to take literature. x)

Really, what a way of looking at things! But then, it's quite right. You have to have rain (to destroy (sort of) sunshine), then only you can begin (with rainbows), you began to feel happy again. We have to end first year, in order to begin second year. Duhhh~ hahaha  But before we enjoy (hopefully) second sem, we better enjoy the upcoming holidays!!! Woohooooo!! xD




  1. semua gambar yg kau post, semua takde aku. HAHA XD

  2. Hahah! Tu petandanya kau kena ada co-photographer! Gilir2 masuk pic! Haaaa xD


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