Pros and Cons of Staying Home

1. You get to sleep at your own bed. (But sometimes katil asrama lagi best).
2. You have your own space. (Only mine I have my space, but no privacy. Get what  I mean? haha)
3. Whenever you feel hungry, food is 24/7 in the kitchen. And it's free.
4. No need to carry (heavy) things to your room in college. Everything's in your room.

1. When you wanna go out, you have to ask for permission from your parents. (In my case, yes, I need to ask my mom, and indirectly some other people. If ya know what I mean..).
2. What more if you don't have your own car, you need to ask for the availability of the transportation to send and fetch you from that certain place.
3. Can't go out suka2 hati.

A last minute plan really doesn't work well with me being the one staying at home.

If I think there's more, I'll add it later. Probably will name it version 2 or whatever. IF and only IF.

Sorry, Wana, couldn't go to celebrate your birthday. :( Happy happy Birthday, Wana cute!! May Allah bless you always and may you have the happiness in this life and in the hereafter.  =D


  1. i love being homeeee. but still, yeah it got cons

  2. Kannn. Well, everything has its yin and yang! hahaha


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