No Silence Is Empty

Wow. The last time I posted an entry was on 23rd May, and it's 9th June now. That's... about 2 weeks? LOL Kejap je pun. haha


I've always wondered how Kafka's father had reacted to his son's work, knowing that it's a reflection of Kafka's personal life and his thoughts on his father... and I wonder what does his sister thinks knowing that her brother begin to change his mind on her sister..seeing her sister becoming more selfish. I wonder how they reacted. 

And last night, I figured out one similarity we (me and Kafka) have. We tend to imagine weird things. Only difference is, he wrote it down in a book, I don't. How weird is weird? Well, perhaps like he imagining his terrible and horrible way of dying... meanwhile, I, tend to imagine what if that knife suddenly drop out of my hands and I accidentally let it fall vertically into my leg? What if that knife flying into someone's body? Ya know.. the horrible things..? Uhuh.

I don't really update lately cuz...

1. I'm having examination right now. Yes, it's exam season! Wohooo!

2. I don't really know what to talk about in my blog. LOLz. Maybe I need to find a new purpose to blog. LOL

3. Too many things in mind..that's better off here. Okay, so maybe I let go one or two in twitter, but so what??!! hahah 

4. Err.. see? I'm even running out of point here. 

What an irony. No silence is ever empty. But really, it is. 

*looks into your eyes*

If only I have my own jamming place or whatever you call it, perhaps a garage with my non-existence band mates, I would've gone there and probably hit the drum and play Break or I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace or whateva.

*lari kejap*

*balik semula*

It feels good to listen to the sound of breaking blocks... falling down... makes me feel like I wanna fall deep down into a vacuum and never reach the ground. Or maybe something floating? Speaking of floating... man! I haven't swam for quite some time! Tadi tgk org joging makes me wanna get on that treadmill and run. Run it all away. I want to run until I can't. 

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