A Day Break Is Always Good!

Today I woke up, after Subuh prayer, I don't know why I linger around the prayer place... it's like I can feel that it's going to be an exciting, beautiful and good day! It's like I can feel, somewhere within my body is tingling, excited to see the sun rises and shines on us. =D Yes, I'm feelingggg good! Despite the fact that I'm supposed to be cranky (pms, nuff said) and woke up with Set Fire to the Rain playing in my head (imagining brushing your teeth, looking at yourself in the mirror while your mind is singing 'I settt fiiireeeee to the rainnn~'  -.-'), I'm feeling pretty much good. :D Allllll iz well! Alhamdulillah. (Though that does not mean I don't have any problems now. I refuse to care bout it now cuz it's too good right now). haha So many good words! :D

Anywaysssss. Other than the sun shining, I like it that it's very peaceful and calm at the place I'm in now. No noise. You can listen to the air-cond and it feels like you're in..well, a good place? hahah Todayyyy! I camwhored again. =.= hahahah Well, I just feel like it. :p I don't need to explain my reasons to you. Sounds familiar? A ha ha xD

"Playing" with the scarf. 

It's quite a lot of pics there...I know. hahahah And it's quite small. xD Well, that's the motif actually. Muahahaha! 

I love being the only child. I love being alone. I love having silence all to myself. For me, I categorized silence into 2 categories; the loud silent and the empty silent. If you give me silence, I would say my silence would be the former one. Even when I'm quiet, thousands of things are in my mind. So, I'm not exactly being silent. Suddenly remembered the quote, 'Quiet people have the loudest mind'. Kinda have to agree to that! ;P 

Okay Imma go do what Imma do now. Ciao! :D

P.s.: I AM a quiet person. If you don't know that, that means you still don't know much bout me. ;)

P.s.s: Hey, pray tell me which pic do you like? LOL xP


  1. looks like you had fun playing with your webcam there! is it still toby? ehehehe

  2. Yes! It's still Toby, Yong! xD Thank God Toby is still okay. =))


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