The Most Special One in My Life

The other day I told her, none of my friends have ever commented (yet) on how different we look, as mother and daughter. Giving me that I-dunnoe-how-to-describe-look (probably a bit like merajuk (I THINK! haha)), she said 'I yang keluarkan you tau'.  :') 

Here's to the most special person in my life.

I really love this picture. I love the way she smiles. It's very hard to capture that by camera, and I thank God it's captured in this picture. :)

Thank you for everything.
Thank you for still loving me despite my flaws.
Thank you for not giving me away when I was a child.
Thank you for going through all the hardship, for me.
You know I would give everything for you.

I love you so much I can't imagine my life without you, Ibu.
I love you so much I'm afraid He'll take you away from me.
I love you, Ibu. May Allah bless you always, may you live long (long enough to see me have kids and see your grandchildren growing up :p) and may you're blessed in this world and in the hereafter. Amin. :')

P.s.: The topic about mother always bring tears to my eyes.x)
P.s.s.: Picture credits to Belle. :)
P.s.s.s.: Nanti2 je aku update pasal 2 events tu. Assignments dulu. 

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