It Ran Away, Alive

Ohkay guys and girls. This is something that happened about 30 minutes ago as I'm typing this. I'm serious. It's fresh, it's hot, it's new! Okay, not exactly new la. haha


On our way back home, after having a satisfying dinner, we head back back home through the usual road we use everyday. Looking out of the window, I see nothing as it was dark. Suddenly.... uncle screamed, 'Ular sawa!!' in a panic but slightly excited tone. He stopped the car and I immediately turned my head around to see if there's really a blood python lying down on the road. And it was there. Oh my gosh. Did we really just hit a snake? Both of us (me and the snake) are motionless, and I felt quite sorry for the snake if we really actually hit it, thinking it must feel pain to be ran over by a car which weight way way wayyyyyy more than it. :/ 

A few seconds later.. uncle slowly reversed the car.. until we can no longer see the snake behind us. He asked, 'mana ular tu?'. Doing some mental calculation (not exactly the exact calculation, but by guessing and predicting), I screamed 'Bawah kereta!' and everybody else (mak long and Ibu) were screaming in fear. Honestly, I wasn't that scared. But more to feeling excited and feeling a bit like in the action movie and mentally preparing myself what if it went INTO the car. But thankfully, it didn't. xP Uncle continued to reverse the car until the snake that was right behind us, is now in front of us. We waited for a few seconds, still in the car, waiting for it to make the first move. Then, the snake finally slowly moves it head and slithered towards the side of the bushes at the side of the road. As it moved, we were awed by the length of its body (about 7 feet long I think) and thinking how this snake is dangerous and could (most probably) harm a kid or even an adult! Watching it slithering towards the bush, I quietly absorb the sleekness of its movement that it brings me goosebumps. I silently apologize to the snake if we really hit it, and silently prayed that it won't do harm to any of us living in this area.

To be truthfully honest, this is not my first encounter with snake. I've been very close to a snake before (touched it) and I've had twice experience of having a snake in our house (sesat barangkali. lol), though I have to admit, snake is really not my favourite animal. :P Sorry snakes, I'm sure ya'll have many more fans out there other than me. xD Besides, after almost 4 years of living here, I've learnt not to really get panic or be that scared if I see any larger-or-weirder-than-usual animal. We have 


monitor lizards (but we don't have komodo dragon la. They eat people lor!), 

frogs (been in my shoes, accidentally touched it (seriously yerkh!), been in our rooms, toilet, but of course  we sent them away xD), 

crane flies (a.k.a. mosquito hawkmosquito eater (or skeeter eater), gallinipper, and gollywhopper or daddy longlegs or leatherjacket, none of this I use to call it. I just call 'em nyamuk besar. LOL).

We used to have ayam belanda. But seriously, having them around is very scary. The male turkey is seriously fierce and would turn blue (or was it red? I don't really remember) and it's basically scary for me just to go out and sidai baju. Hahah But now we don't have 'em anymore cuz, shortly after the female turkey went missing (we assumed it's dead), the male turkey also died. So sweet aey? :')

So yeah, it's not that weird actually to have one or two snakes around in this neighbourhood. Saja je buat kecoh dalam blog. xD

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