"Because they'll do whatever it takes to hide away and mumble... and it depends on your perspective to think what they might talk about..."

Get me? Hahaha No need to if you don't. ;p

I've been wondering about a thing lately... Well, not just lately. It's been on my mind long before but then it somehow submerge deeper under unnecessary, trivial matters. Oh well. So here it goes.

If we know a girl who always go out with boys, some of us would think that 'Euwhhh tak senonohnya keluar dengan laki...'. But then, to think again, another side of me thought, 'Hey! We're young! This is the time when you wanna go and hang out with boys...' and I'm torn between these two so-called thoughts.

*Please take note that in the former case, the girl is wearing a proper clothe, nothing too revealing and doesn't go out till late at night.

So.. here's your part as the reader of this blog (if there's any. lol), WHAT DO YOU THINK? Which one do you agree or disagree and why? (dah macam reflection grammar class aku pulak. xD)

P.s.: Because tgk org lain post best2 and here I am don't really know what to say. -.-


  1. em,I think its ok to go out with guys.kalau berdua,if u r just friends,dont make it suspicious like tampar menampar,duduk rapat2..memang la orang cakap HAHA
    typical mindset bila org ckp "eh minah tu gedik ar keluar dgn laki" esp if he's someone else bf.
    tapi,kita je kan yg tahu dat guy is just a friend :)
    dats wat I think la :P

  2. Yeah.. I think if kalau pandai jaga pergaulan, tak pergi tempat senyap or gelap berdua, and tak balik lewat malam, I think it's okay. It's alright if you know the limit, kan? :)

    Tapi if me, I wouldn't dare to hang out with a friend's bf. Just to avoid unnecessary conflict. Kalau hal kerja tak pe la kot. Dah nak buat cam ne kan. haha Anyways, thanks Fns for your thoughts! :D


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