Not So Soon (jangan baca. boring je ni. Membebel tah apa2 dia ni)

Okay. So here's the thing.

I didn't know I have relatives in Shah Alam. I think so la. Since we were invited to someone's wedding at the Wisma MBSA hall. haha

Why do I suddenly feel that this is a boring thing to talk about? Haih. Marriage is a boring topic for a 14 year old Nina. Seriously. But I'm 20. Anywayssss...!

Observing from the wedding ceremony, I have a few things in mind that I think, I need to consider.

1. I should start collecting songs that I want to be played during my wedding. I don't want the DJ to just play some random, lame songs during my big day.

2. Sitting arrangement: please make sure it's comfortable and convenient for people to walk through. (In case of emergency, only God knows).

3. Food! I think I already have in mind what kind of acar I like.. and always remember to always fill up the food if it's going empty. NEVER-EVER-EVER! leave it empty.

4. I think I'm going to have to make up few AJKs for my wedding, just to make sure everything is perfect and in order.
-AJK Makanan: Make sure food is always there, cleanliness of the table, etc.
-AJK Cenderamata: Make sure that everyone has one.
So far, this is the most important ones. I don't think Ibu can be under the AJK Makanan though, insya-Allah panjang umur, she'll have to entertain the guests. I must find someone reliable to handle these tasks.

5. Which lead us to here, I still dunnoe what to give to my guests. Thinking of maintaining the bunga telur adat. But hmm.. other than bunga telur? Chocolates? Yummy biscuits? Beautifully folded handkerchief? I don't know yet. or a Doa? :D

6. This point is not a to-do list, but rather an opinion. They didn't bersanding. I don't know under what ground they did not bersanding, but in my humble opinion, if the reason you're not gonna bersanding is because it's haram to "show off" your bride to the world.. then might as well ask your bride to not have heavy make-up if you really don't want to show off your bride. Because, to me, I think sama je make-up with bersanding, in the sense that, both are showing off the beauty of the bride.Thank God I never said I never wanted to bersanding. I'm still considering it. It's just, for now, what I'm thinking is that, I don't wanna have BIG wedding ceremony. It would be fine just my family and my closest friends. But thennnnnnnnn... think again, tak kan la aku tak ajak those family friends.. and when I invite them, I have to invite my mom's friends.. my aunt's friends...the teachers yg still in touch.. my goodness. I can't have a small wedding ceremony, can I? Never mind. It's not like everyone will come pun, kan? hahah Later after the big event, I'll just have a just-the-two-of-us moment (omg! this reminds me of a song just the two of us! we can make it if we try~ just the two of us, you and I~ XD), having dinner and dancing perhaps.. hahah

7. Ibu said she'll work out the list of the people that's for sure we'll invite.

8. I think I have slightly an idea of how my invitation card is going to be like... I just hope I can make it happen..cuz I don't think it's that weird though.. is it? Hmm

9. Before I get married, I must ask this one friend of mine, what's the bed's brand. Cuz the bed is soooooo good! Seriously! Felt like on clouds! haha

We (me and Ibu) talked about this after we ate. Suddenly, she whispered in my ears, excitedly, 'Calon tak de lagi tapi dah plan semua! Hee~!'. haha Yes, Ibu. I still don't have a calon right now and I don't see anyone that I can make him mine. lol It's okay. Insya-Allah..we still have a long way to go. Besides, I'm sure everyone will have one (or maybe some more than one.. ops! xD). Hey! Great things are worth the wait. Ain't it? Chillax arrr..!~ xD

Semoga Ibu panjang umur. Ameen! :)

P.s.: George, Y U NO APPEAR NOW??! 

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