I Sense Something Good Is Coming

Hello people!

Well, first and foremost, I've got good news since last Thursday.. something really awesome! But of course, I'm not telling it until I have it right back in front of me! *insert evil laugh* hahaha


Second, we're about to have our Cultural Noon this coming Friday! Yes! It's this coming freaking Friday! Hope all will go well. Hmmm I'm quite worried with my costume though.. I'm afraid I'll overshadow other dancers.. and which tudung Imma wear! D: But the good thing is, I have a costume of my size and I think I know how I'm gonna make-up myself on that day. Though we have our own make-up artist, I'm not used to people doing make-up for me. Hope all goes well. :)

Agak2 kalau aku buat hands movement boleh nampak tak? :/
Close enough to what I'm about to wear this Friday. Spoiler je kan dah tunjuk costume awal-awal? Whatever! hahaha

Third. Something bad happened recently to Andy. Couldn't receive text messages. Had to format the phone again. Thank God it's fully functioning again. haha But the sad thing is, all my precious notes and thoughts I wrote in my memo, are all gone! Poof! Mannn The thing about me is, unlike many people, my inbox is not the most dangerous part in my phone. My memo is. Hmm I have some thoughts which I didn't get to post in my other blog. It's :( but it's okay. :) As long as Andy's back, I'm fineeee! x)

Fourth! Errr I think that's all kot! Got a lot going on this week. Please pray we'll make it! And to those who are near UM this Friday, please do come to our Cultural Extravaganza Noon, which will be held at Auditorium Faculty of Education, starting at 3 until 5. Come! Come! :D

See ya there! :D


What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)