You Triggered My Feminism, Mister.

I think I have an interesting topic to talk about tonight. Or this morning. Whatever lah. hahah

*clears throat*

Well, apparently, I saw a... hmm how should I put this into words... a pretty much sexism status in Facebook. Not gonna tell where it's from, but here is what he said:

WOMENS....Let me give you a humble advice... We badly need well trained future heros for our country. So you better well train yourselves INTELLECTUALLY, be a HOUSEWIFE and train you CHILDREN well. When i say 'TRAIN YOUR CHILDREN', i really mean it that way...Every day should be a training day for them. TRAIN them to be future Malaysia's Ikon...not some normal kids that doesn't give much impact to the society. WE NEED REVOLUTIONARY IMPACTS!! Lebih 50 tahun merdeka, we are like crawling man!!! 

I'm a feminist and anything that is feminism or the opposite of it, attracts me. So what impression did I get from that status?

Too bad it started off with quite a major grammatical error. WomEnS. Hmm No excuse for redundancy, mister. I was being a grammar nazi for a while by directly commenting on his status, correcting the most obvious mistake there. He replied it with 'sorry!!! yeah..i know...WOMEN**** HEHEHE'. He apologized, and then said 'yeah I know', which, psychologically means, he's being a tad defensive. Anyways, he's a guy. A guy must have some ego in him (to use some is the least a man has). And boy, I love it when I touch men's ego and see 'em go all defensive on themselves. Pretty amusing, must I say. Like a mimosa pudica. ;) The guy tried to make it sound humble, but to me, it's not really that humble..he's actually giving quite a strong statement..and somewhere in between the kinda gives me the idea that he's a bit of a typical man. And ohhh boy, I eat typical man. (Okay, you may think I'm judging, I'm not gonna lie, I'm not gonna deny, everyone in this world judge. You judge to see which is right and which is wrong. Or maybe the more appropriate word would be 'evaluate'. Does it sound better to you? I hope it does.) Not literally, of course. (I don't really favor typical guys). I really don't like the point when he mentioned 'TRAIN YOUR CHILDREN'. Excuse me, mister....that kid of yours is part of your sperm as well. The responsibility of raising a kid does not (I repeat, does not) rely solely on the mother's shoulder. Otherwise, what's the point of being tied TOGETHER in a marriage? Am I right or am I right? Or maybe you put it all on our shoulder, because you have lack faith in yourself and believe we can do it better than you men? Awhh honey, raising a kid is a team work. You have to believe in yourself as well. Still, to mention 'TRAIN YOUR CHILDREN' is a serious offense for a feminist. ;)


From another angle, yes, it's good that he is trying to give us, womEn advice. And looking from the comments, I think, in a way, he's right. If you want your wife to be a housewife, then get more money so we don't have to work our a** off and our children can still have sufficient food and other needs to live comfortably and happily. I think, that way, maybe, some of us women don't mind not having to work as long as we know we are financially stable. Get that right, gentlemen. Not every women are gold digger. We just wanna be financially stable. Financially stable and gold digger are two (2) different things. By the way, I like his spirit. That's what I call passionate. And nothing makes a man sexy than having a burning passion within him. Okay, I might have revealed too much of my opinions on that gentleman. haha Anyways, after reading for several times, I think it's a pretty good status. Towards the end of the status, he's right. We still need a lot to improve ourselves and our country. I get his idea, but maybe the way he put it (especially the first part of it) a bit off? Well, now it's up to you to give your two cents! ;D

I am one proud feminist. ;)

P.s.: I was only being a grammar nazi for a while. I know my grammar pun berterabur, that's why I mention only for a while. hahah


  1. Okay status macam tu memang nak kena. Siapa pun akan terus jadi feminist bila baca. :/

  2. Yong: That's why! hahah Nasib dia tak de dpn mata, kalau tak mau debate time tu jugak! x)


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