What's Up With Ya'll?

I think I need to declare something.

I dunnoe why, since I was in MRSM lagi, people think I'm rich. In a way, well, thank you for saying that cuz I'll take it as a prayer for me. Amin to that!

But no.
No, I'm freaking hell not! I'm just another ordinary, middle-class person who, apparently, still lives with her family.

When they say 'Oh you must be rich', I went all quiet. Cuz to say No, it would seem as if I'm being ungrateful with what God gave. Well, if in terms of survival, then I must say I'm rich enough to survive my daily life, I suppose?

To say, Yes, that would obviously be lying.

 So I ended saying nothing, and just give them a smile.

Whatever you wanna frigging think la.

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