Not That Weird Actually

So.. they have this weird-fact-about-me going on trending in twitter since last night. Just thought of writing it down here in my blog instead of in my twitter account. heheh


1. When my mind is thinking about something, quite loudly, and quite often, I'll accidentally make a sound. Like suddenly, I'll say 'How embarrassing' or 'Oh Goddd' or 'Ugh'.. cuz usually the things I think are not the pleasant ones. haha

2. I can eat keropok keping with nasi. ONLY. No other things. No kuah. Nothing. And I'm not even purely an east coast person. Born in Selangor, raised up in Selangor and KL. Lol.

May not be THAT weird to you. But hmm I'm a boring person, so.. yeah. hahah

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