Just A Little Thought. Or Maybe Rambling. Yeah. Rambling. That Sounds More Like It.

To not have problems, is to die. In life we cannot run away from problems, things that burden our mind, heart and soul. We face problems everyday.

Now, quite a redundancy there, isn't it? That's the point; everyday.

We have problems everyday, and yet we still complaint about it. Of course, from your angle you might see it differently and might say 'Everyday is a different problem'. True. But have you tried seeing it from another angle? 'It's the same. It's just a problem. It's a problem you still have to face and overcome it. The only difference is the form it presents itself'. And yet, we complaint as if it's the first time we have problems in our life. Get what I mean? Yeah. And I wonder why I'm still adapting to life with problems when I think most of my problems are all the same (well, at least I think it's similar) from then till now. Why God, why? 
Maybe I still haven't learnt my lesson yet. 

Oh. Right. I forgot. 
I'm only human. 
A human with lots of weaknesses and flaws.

I'm getting good at faking smile. I can fake a smile, and yet, I can still feel this kind of hurt deep in my heart. You know, sometimes I'm worried of myself. But I'm helpless. I can't let it out. Not that easy. Hell no. It's like the deepest and heaviest feelings can only be taken out by the deepest bliss. Quite an irony, isn't it? 

I bet you've heard the saying 'The biggest enemy is yourself'. Indeed. We struggle everyday with ourselves. Sometimes, we struggled too much that we've forgotten who we really are in the first place. We gave too much energy in struggling. Or maybe we thought about it too much. Maybe... just maybe.. that we're losing ourselves little by little everyday? Is this a part of the ageing process? If it's like the basic science, old things will die and eventually will be replaced with new and fresh things, like the dead cells being replaced with new and fresh cells, then what is my new "cell"? Or is it because it's in me, I can't see it growing on me?

Everybody has their own situation and stories that only the soul can feel it.

P.s.: The longest title ever in Fell. Stand Up. Smile! =) !

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