Dressin' Up

Back then in Asasi, if they hear the words 'Katy Perry', they would automatically (somehow, I think) linked it with me. Cuz I'm a hughhhhhhhh fan of Katy Perry. haha But now, in UM, people (well, at least Nadia mentioned it. haha) that when she sees Merlin, she'll remember me. haha 

This is like another version of Peacock or Milk Milk Lemonade from Katy Perry. I bet you must be thinking, my goodness... you know such songs?! *troll face* You don't say!~ Lol. Dengar je, bukannya buat apa pun. x)

Though I have to say I love the part

Tonight I'm gonna come aliveMake you forget about your nine-to-fiveAre you ready for your blood to riseTonight's the night I'm dressin' up for you 


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