2 Days


Just got back from DTC. Went there to watch my friends joining the choir competition. It was awesome! XD Didn't expect to see so many chinese people there. haha Well, it's a good thing lor. I get to see so many tall and handsome chinese guys. hiewhiewhiew

My friends were awesome! Tien Mie, Cherie, Melody and Wen looked very beautiful tonight! I feel that all he chinese girl who went up on stage tonight are all beautiful. haha And the guys... hmmm. Hmm. hahaha

Yesterday.... was even hmmm I dunnoe how to put it into words. Inia told me there's a workshop on Saturday and since she said it has something to do with psychology, I thought, hey, that's interesting! So, yeah after telling her I could join it, I went there. Of course! Duhh!~ haha Thought of..you know....having lil bit of camouflage. Too bad Belle noticed me. meiwmeiwmeiw~ haha Soooo the workshop was okay. Few cute guys. LOL XD Here's the best part bout it, at the beginning of the workshop, of course there will be ice-breaking session. Andddd our so-called "ice-breaking" session wassssssssssss

We have to sit next to someone who we have never met beforeeee and it has to be with the opposite sex! Oh God. You know how bad am I when it comes to.. you know.. guys. =.=' That's not it yet! We have to look into each others eyes, and well, say nice things like.. 'You look great today'. YOU KNOW! LOOK INTO HIS EYES, AND HIM LOOKING INTO MY EYES. NA-AH-AH! That is something I rareeeeeeeeeeeeely do: Looking into another guys' eyes. Oh god. My goodness! Can you believe it I have to look into some random guy whom I've never met, and talk and know (duhh) before, look into his eyes, and him looking into my eyes.. it was uncomfortable! It was embarrassing for me. Thank God I was wearing my spec at that time! hahah

Anyways, yeah, only that 2 event happened during my weekend. Hmm. U-huh. Whatever. haha Okay, I know I sound crazy and high like something's wrong..truth is, I dunnoe what's happening to me. These last few days been feeling so restless, so tired, no matter how long I sleep, I'll wake up feeling exhausted. Hmm Maybe I just didn't realize I'm having fever..? Boleh pulak macam tu kann..

I know I'm updating this while my blog has been shut to private. But who cares. Doubt anyone would notice though. As always. hahah I made it private because I kinda feel serabut. I feel like...I have people reading my blog..following me on twitter..and you just never know what happens behind you right? Insecurities? Maybe. Yeah, I admit. Partly it's my fault too for.. promoting my accounts? haha I just feel... rimas. I need some space. Thank God I have another place to be free. God knows when I'll open it back. Maybe soon. Maybe later. I dunnoe. It depends. ;p

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