What Makes Life So Inspiring?

I never thought this one friend of mine would ever comment on my blog. Like, ever! haha A wonderful surprise, I must say, Belle! xD

This one, I thought, is a bit harder than the two questions before.

try talking about life itself, what makes it so inspiring? what 

makes you wake up in the morning and go thru the days?

I had to think deeply (not so. haha) and do some reflection of my previous days.

What is so inspiring about life? 

I think what makes life inspiring is, how you see things, how you interpret, analyze and comprehend God's way of communicating with you. Yes, I do believe that everyday, in a way that sometimes, most of us (maybe) don't realize that God is actually communicating with us, telling us something. It could be about you yourself, or the people around you, an idea of philosophy, the world, the nature, or it could be anything! Pulling you to the greater side. God actually wants you to be a greater person. Everything that has been put in your life, whether you like it or not, I believe, has its purpose, whether now, or for your future, or whatever the reasons are that only He knows. And always I find that the moment when I realize this thru the little things, I find it a very beautiful experience that only you yourself can feel and experience it. Everything that is life itself is beautiful. The beauty in life itself. It's hard to put this picture in your head if you've never experienced it before. Okay la. Lemme give you a simple example.

If you're free hair, conversation with your friends bout hijab (don't worry, I've had tons of moments like this. xD). That, is also a way of God telling you to start wearing hijab. Sometimes, He tells it kindly for Allah is All Merciful and Loving. Sometimes, He tells it in the warning tone (that is when you came across a line from the hadith or verse from the Quran bout the consequences of not wearing one) for He cares about you.

Or sometimes, when you want something, but you never really talk it out loud. For example, you've been craving for a piece of cheesecake. You did not tell your friends or your parents or even tweet (LOL) that you're craving for a slice of cheesecake, but suddenly, your mom comes home with a slice of cheesecake. Isn't that wonderful? :D He listen to your deepest thought and wish. :)

Those are a couple of examples that I could think of to show you what I meant. If there's a phrase 'Read between the lines', I'd say 'Looking thoroughly in every event of your life'. For me, I treasure the little things from my loved ones. A smile from my mother. Making my mom happy. Making my friends happy. Seeing a blooming rose. Pleasant surprise. Sunny and windy day. Happy people. Great moments with friends. Just the little things, can make me happy. :)

I have to say, my mother is one of the main reasons that helped me go through the day. Her presence. She's my everything. The one who lead me to the one direction. I share my everything with her. And I love trying to please her, being the best daughter I can possibly be. She helped me get through the day and I'm truly blessed to have her as my mother. :)

Knowing what you want in life and achieving it, is important as well. Dream big! Have fancy dreams! But what makes it worth dreaming is putting a lot of effort to MAKE IT REAL! Never forget your dream, your passion. Never. I think when I wake up in the morning, I think I always think (God. Redundancy!) that today is a small step towards my bigger dream, my success. Today is the little piece that'll help me solve the puzzle in the future. So, never ever give up and always try to be positive. Always revolve yourself around inspiring people, read inspiring stories, find the beauty in life. At least, that's what I do.

Quite a good question there. :)

I think I've wrote and put enough pics. Though I think I can elaborate more but I'm afraid I'll only be doing redundancy. -.- haha

I shall end my post today with a quote from Robert Byrne;
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."

As a Muslim, I'm sure most of us know what is our purpose of life. :)


  1. i thot so it would be cool to think about. and since you never thot i'd actually post something as a response, you get to ask me to write about anything that you want. how's that? :) very nice post tho. bet you got others thinking too. *wink*

  2. Belle:
    I need to think first of the topic to give you. hehe Thanks! I hope so! :D


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