What Do I Wish To Be Reborn As..? Hmmm

So, the only person who commented or gave me idea on my previous post was Mimi. :D She wanted to know what is my opinion on it. Here's the question:

If reborn exists, what do you wish to be reborn as?

I wish to be reborn as.....

Yup. You saw it right. I wish to be reborn as a cloud. Yes! Clouds!

But why? Of all things, why cloud?

Well, first, is because I love sunshine and by being a cloud, nothing can hide me from the warm sunshine resting on me. :D

Secondly, because, by being a cloud, I get to "travel" around the world. Like, literally. I mean, who doesn't want to travel, go AROUND the world?? It's one of the most fascinating thing to do, being a creature on this beautiful and polluted earth. ;D

Thirdly, because I get to travel, if I see any place that needs more water for their crops, I can just rain on 'em. Indirectly, I'll help some families to feed their children. If it's raining heavily at another place, then perhaps I can just "push" away my cloud friend to go to the drought places and rain there instead. :D Wouldn't it be lovely?? :D

I think the idea of reborn is cool. Though, yeah, as a Muslim, we don't believe in being reborn or reincarnation, or whatever you call it. haha But I think it's cool to think you have a choice of what to be in your next life, in order to serve the purpose of keeping mother nature in balance. It's just an opinion, doesn't mean I believe in it. xP

Thanks a lot for your comment and idea, Mimi! Really appreciate it! :D

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