Launching of The Roxford!

Hello everyone!

Well, it's only been 2 days in semester 2. So far, not bad. Everything's under control, classes are all okay, not much books need to buy, so I guess everything is fine??? Perhaps. hahah

Yesterday, I just launched my own blogshop. The Roxford. haha Of course it's my own name! I brand my own name! LOL XD Basically, we sell accessories. We've only started on necklace, rings and bangles. There're more to come! :D Can't wait to have 'em around! x)

Hey, why don't you have a look? :D

Our blog: The Roxford  <--- More info on our items! :D

Our Fb page: The Roxford    <--- Do click Like on our page! xD

If you have any enquiries, do send us an email at  and we'll get back to you to clear any bubbles that pop up in your head! :D

Hee~ Do tell me what you think about it, the items and everything. Let me know! I wanna know what you guys think! :D


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