If I Only Have A Month Left To Live, What Would I Do?

Yeay! So I got another comment on my last 2 post from Nash. hihi So, here's the question:

 If I only have a month left to live, what would I do?


I must say, acknowledging me the fact that I only have one month left to live is very kind of you. hahah Well, what would I do?
Hmmm... Let's say money is not an issue here.

Firstly, I would write a will (whatever I need to write in it). Then, for about 2 week, I'll volunteer to help the needy people. I've always wanted to try giving food to homeless people, so I guess I could try that. hee~!

I would bring my whole family, or whomever wants to come with me (if they don't want to or they can't, then it's okay. Aku dah tak de nanti jgn nak nangis beriya konon nyesal tak ikut aku ajak! siapa suruh! LOL) to go... the countryside in England perhaps. Maybe Devon (hometown Arthur a.k.a. Bradley James) . hehe! There, I will dress as the proper ladies during the 18th century and during the weekend, we will have a ball night where we'll dance together with everyone and have fun. To be honest, I haven't really thought about where to die. As long as I have a peaceful, easy and happy die, it's okay for me. :)

I dunnoe what I'm talking about. O.o

Are you ready to die?


  1. yeay! my name's there! hehehe. :P
    i just asked because i somehow reminded of my dad.
    if it's me, i would go around the world with my family. if i only i have 'that' much of money.

  2. Nash:
    Ouhh Same here. If ONLY money wasn't an issue. x)


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