Did You Know That Calling Someone Ugly, You're Insulting God Actually? Ha!

This is about to be a feminist and sexist post. Well, not that much actually. Depending on how you wanna look at it. (Especially the guys) If you don't think you can swallow my words, then it's best if you turn away now. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

I was browsing through my news feed and I feel the need to share this. If you've been to Yahoo! lately, I'm pretty sure you've seen this article about this lady here. I've read it in Yahoo! before, a few days before I came across this in Facebook.

Somehow, I find this to be uncomfortable and insensitive.

In my opinion, it is as if the two people who said it is trying to imply that being in the state that she's in, is ugly, and as if she chose to be that way. Especially the comment on the bottom one. I don't think these people know that this lady (I don't remember her name, so I'm just gonna call her the lady. haha) didn't ask for a body like this. She didn't like it at first, she doesn't want it! In fact, she wished she gain more weight to look normal. But of course, lucky her for getting a man with not a typical mentality of what beauty should be, to marry her. Her husband can actually SEE the beauty in her. She was born that way! And now, she's happy and comfortable in her own skin. One happy woman!

You see people, this is what most (I repeat, most, not all) Malaysian guys are lacking of, which I refuse to dwell into that matter as I'm afraid their balls can't handle the pressure enough. Not literally, please. And what more the people commenting, saying 'Buruk', 'Tak sedap', 'Tak lawa langsung' 'Badan mcm kerengga' (which Helloooo! Obviously tak baca habis suka2 hati je main condemn org) is a sad scene.

If you actually read the article (in Yahoo!), you would know.

No, it's not all about defending this woman. It's more on me being disappointed to see where our people's mentality are. We are getting closer to Wawasan 2020, being a developed country, but have we developed our mind enough? 


While I was reading through the comments about it, I thought, this is like an insult to God. Calling people ugly. Calling what He created ugly.

Then, when I was tweeting about this, a thought suddenly pops up in my mind.
If it's an insult to God, to say some people are ugly, then I shouldn't say I'm ugly, cuz that would be insulting God, isn't it? Astaghfirullah..
I thank God I came across this uneasy experience as I'm sure God have taught me a lesson here. The thought that came to me must be from Him. Thank you, Allah. Alhamdulillah. We shall not call each other ugly anymore. Like what Nashra said this morning, 'Inner beauty is more important'. Yes! (I purposely bold the phrase there, just in case some can't see it. :p)

Maybe I over-analyzed it. Maybe I over-interpret the words. Maybe. But hey, I did say it's my 2cents, aite.


  1. yang penting, kita tahu bersyukur :)

  2. i agree with this post,well written nyna :)
    malaysian need to change their mentality mann

  3. Fns:
    Thank you. :)
    Yes! Ty for getting my point, Fns! XD


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