Them. :)

I never wrote about my friends in UM in this blog, ever, right?

So here it goes.

Today is a one day that I will never ever forget.

1. I accidentally screamed to one of my guy friend. I never ever ever scream or raised my voice that high to a guy. Or even a girl. In that manner. I never thought I could scream in that way. Quite a surprise to myself (though in a way it's no wonder why cuz the past couple of days, some of 'em (ya know..punkd and stuff. haha) have been trying to challenge my patience).

2. I get to spend some time with my wonderful, lovely, funny friends! I was so happy that I nearly cried. Okay, fine. I cried a bit. But it was only one teeny tiny drop of tears okay?? hahah I was a bit emotional. I have this "emotional luggage" I've been carrying at the back of my mind for the past few days but been acting like it doesn't exist.. and now this is our last meeting...for this sem! haha Kinda sad for me not having to see them soon. Cuti 3 hari (cuz we don't have class on Fri) pun rasa mcm lama dah tak jumpa when we meet again the following week on Mon. haha Even during the study break also felt like, Awhhh long time haven't meet 'em! *From Cherie. hihihi What more a couple to 3 weeks of break. I guess everyone will be excited and go all euphoria when we meet again for the next sem. Hahah

I love you guys. :')
May our friendship last forever. 

oh and here's sweet Belle! :D


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