From Exercising

If you want to win the game, you gotta have strategy, persistence, patience and lots and loads of effort.

I tried to challenge myself. I pushed myself more in it. But I did not realized, I wasn't that ready for the extra mile. I fell.

And the moment you start to think 'I'm going to fall', THAT is the moment when You actually fall. 

how to run

That is not the end of it. Yet. Now, you have two choices; either you sit and mourn about your pain from falling, or, you stand up and continue with what you're doing.

Of course, the moment you STAND UP, that's when you've won the game. And so, I stood up. I try to continue by ignoring the pain I felt. Chin up and continue continue continue, until I started to feel the pain is getting worse. I checked, it was blooding. -.- The skin on my knee scrapped off in my pants. Quite a big wound I have there from the fall. O.O

After a while, I was thinking something. This can be applied in other parts of life as well. When you fall, get up and find the cure to your pain, your wound. Then get right back on the track, baby! XD Fell. Stand Up. Smile! =) We have no time to mourn about little things in life. There're too many beautiful and wonderful things for you to look out in life! :D

Hello, I'm back! ;D


  1. our great bouncebackability shows that we are matured and well-driven. hehe..hi nyna!


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