Any Idea?

It's semester break (though it's about to end within couple of weeks..), it's holiday, I have the whole day to do whatever I want (other than the chores..), and worst of all, I don't know what to write on my blog.

So.. I'm asking you people out there who are kind enough to open up this blog and read this particular post... to SUGGEST me few ideas or topics for me to write about. Just for fun. Maybe a thing or two that you wanna know my opinion on it. Hmm. Something deep and thoughtful would be nice... haha Whatever comes to your mind! I'm open to any suggestion! :D

P.s.: Oh btw, my blog is always open for people to comment. Even as an anonymous. So have fun! LOL XD


  1. nyna2,cuba try topic ni : If reborn exists, what do you wish to be reborn as? hehe tetiba terpikir, tapi of coursela reborn thingy ni xde,I just wanna know your opinion :)

  2. Mimi:
    Great idea! I'll make a draft on it first! Thanks! :D

  3. How about, you write about this: If I only have a month left to live, what would I do? :)
    I'd be interested to know your thoughts Nyna. :)

  4. try talking about life itself, what makes it so inspiring? what makes you wake up in the morning and go thru the days? could be a fun thing to ponder about :D


What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)