That Indescribable Feeling

I just had a really interesting and quite deep conversation with my uncle just now. I gained new knowledge and new understanding. I doubt  if I can remember all that in one night. It was an eye-opening conversation. One of the result from the conversation is...

I miss Ustazah Mahfuhzah and being in her class. I miss reciting those verse WITH her. I miss baca selawat, istighfar, asma ul-husna IN her class (not that I don't read it now, but it's a different feeling when you read it with her being there). Whenever I recite it, it feels.... as if I'm back. I feel like crying, for what reasons I don't know for sure. Rasa syahdu tahu? Rasa macam, Ya Allah.. rindunya aku pada Mu...! Mcm tu la rasa dia. Maybe some of you don't know how it feels like, it's okay. I don't expect you to understand what I'm saying. I just miss all that. I remember when it was my first day in 2nd sem, I was really excited for the class. When I got into the class, we recite the verse together, I feel like crying! Seriously feel like crying! I tried my best to hold back the tears, I don't want my friends to think I'm crazy for suddenly crying in the class like that. I miss those feelings. I don't know what it is exactly but one thing I know for sure, if I go back into that class, I'll cry a river. Seriously no kidding.

Maybe.... I've been too far from Him and this is His call on me?
I miss me O Allah.. 


What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)