Silly, Stupid and A Post Full of Crap

I don't know where to begin. Okay. I'm gonna let it all out and I'm gonna make it end here.

This is heavy. But it wasn't as heavy as I've experienced before with KA. So, yeah. I kinda like this one guy. Yeah. Met him somewhere in UM...blablabla. After some time, I noticed that the guys I like are usually chinese-looking guy and coincidentally, they have at least a name begins with A. Okay fine. This has nothing to do with what I'm gonna talk about.

Okay. It's not that I'm a stalker, I'm just good at investigating and most of the time, luck is always on my side. So far lah. And sometimes. Only in certain cases.

Let's say...what you found is not something beautiful...something that got you.. OMG! WHAT??!! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! NO NO NO! And you're trying hard to accept the fact that it is like that.

Oh God. You must be thinking I'm babbling. Whatevs.

"Too much of anything can make you sick".

I guess Cheryl Cole was right.

Knowing too much is not good either. I want to tell more.but I can't. You won't have the same comprehension as I do if I wrote it here. hmm Never mind.

Why do I always fall for guys like this?? Why Nina? Why???

Anyhow, I've learnt;
1. It's best for me to wait for the right one... he's coming, it's just I don't know when.
2. Please don't choose this kind of guy again, Nina. Please la.

Why it looks as if there isn't any guy that I can finally rest my heart upon? Why there isn't a man that can make me fall in love? Why? Why? Why? Why is this heart is so damn closed? Oh God. Send me George quick please.

And it's sad when some people just don't understand.


  1. someday you will find creme de la creme :)

  2. sabar Nyna. Yong pun rasa macam tu tapi ayuh jangan putus asa! :D

  3. Syidah:
    I hope so. Creme de la creme! :D

    Yeah! Kita tak harus putus asa...cuma rasa mcm kekurangan pilihan. hahaha xD


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