Good News! Alhamdulillah!

Wee~ I can access Blogger at UM Library!! Thought before this can't. O.o

Anyway, that's not the topic today. haha Just wanna share with ya'll.. I'm soooo happy  and excited and grateful that our group (which consist of me, Mai (Maiyamin from Asasi TESL of the same batch with me) and Wen (a CBNer as well!)) got 28/29 over 30 for our second assignment in Foundation in TESL Methodology!! WEHOOOO!!!

Only we don't know we got which one, either 28 or 29. -.- Still, it's good news ain't it?? xDD

Alhamdulillah...this is my second time to get high marks in the task (before this in Writing About Literature). I'm soo happy and grateful. Never I got such marks when I was in UiTM. I guess distance has its role in this. (Closer to Ibu. hahah)

I just wanna say thanks to my team mates!
It was worth it walking from the LRT to CBN for the first trip, and St. John for the second trip.
It was worth it going to JPWPKL for nothing. haha!
It was worth it me driving from home to their KK. haha
Thanks girls! :D
Thanks to Ibu.. =D
Thanks to everyone who helped, directly and indirectly..
And most importantly, Thank you, Allah! :D

p.s.: I'm not bragging or showing off or whatevs you think I am doing. I just wanna share this good news with my friends. Cuz I believe that, as a friend, you should be happy when your friend is happy or sad when he/she is sad. :)


  1. Yong:
    Thank you, Yong!!!!! Wish me luck for the final exam!! :D


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