Random 4 | In Condemning

I realized that, *most of the things that we wish to say to our friends in an indirect way stating that we're annoyed with whatever they did, or in other words, condemning them, are actually the things that we should be saying to ourselves first. It's a contradictory idea.

Kelakar pun ada, terkilan pun ada.

Sometimes, the things that we want to say indirectly to that person, without realizing it, it would be like a reminder to others. A lesson to the butthurt (i meant it as a noun, means it refer to the people who are offended).

But if we don't say it, that particular person will never know, thus he/she won't have the chance to improve himself/herself. It won't be a lesson for others as well. Ya know what they say, 'Keep your friends close, but keep your enemy closer'.

I think it all comes back to how you deliver that message to that person, telling what they did wrong. As we know, Islam is the way of life. :)

*Most as in majority, not all. 


What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)