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Toby is sick.

The guy haven't called us yet bout Toby. Missing Toby so much that I dreamt he's well.

Just downloaded this blogger droid thingy so I could update. Typing on this small screen requires a lot of patience and practice so you don't do typology. Lol.

It's mid sem break. Here's what I think of the exact idea on why they created this not-really-a-break break:

They're just giving you the chance to do the assignments at home, while at the same time being able to spend some quality time with your family.


Oh hell. I crapped.

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  1. Oh yeah... Such a short holiday but gee, it felt like a month worth holiday. Coz have been too busy that the weekends before this were like weekdays...

  2. Syidah: Kan?? haha

    Bashtiah: Haha Good for you!


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